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Regina Spektor: I <3 her

I love Regina Spektor, I first found her on YouAintNoPicasso with her song Fidelity. When I heard this song I was like wow, she has such a beautiful voice and yet a unique style. I began downloading some of her other songs and I can fairly say I love her. I’d upload some music but instead just visit her website and youtube for more music videos.

Funny Incorrect Lyrics (Feist and the Killers)

I love the Killers and Feist and I ran upon these myself
Okay first with Feist’s Mushaboom found at this link:
Helping the kids out of their coats
Oh wait the babies haven’t been born oh
Unpacking the bags and setting up
And planting lilacs and buttercups oh
But in the meantime we’ve got it hard
Second floor living without a yard
It may be years until the day
My dreams will match up with my pay
Old dirt road,(mushaboom, mushaboom)knee deep snow (mushaboom, mushaboom)
Watching the fire as we grow (mushaboom, mushaboom)o-o-o-o-old
I got a man with a big dick
And make an orgasm in 5 minutes
And we’ll collect the moments one by one
I guess that’s how the future’s done oh
How many acres, how much light
Tucked in the woods and out of sight
Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap
On a little road barely on the map
Old dirt road (mushaboom, mushaboom) knee deep snow (mushaboom, mushaboom)
Watching the fire as we grow(mushaboom, mushaboom) o-o-o-o-old(mushaboom, mushaboom)Old dirt road rambling rose(mushaboom, mushaboom)
Watching the fire as we grow (mushaboom, mushaboom)well earned soul…

The correct lyrics are:
I got a man to stick it out
And make a home from a rented house oh oh oh

Wow big mistake…

The lyrics for where the white boy dance by the Killers: this is a bonus track on the album but if they had these lyrics it would be down right funny having white guys singin it:

Bounce that ass
Shake dat ass
Shorty you can move dat ass
Slow it down and work dat ass
C’mon shorty do dat dance for me
Bounce dat ass
Shake dat ass
Shorty you can move dat ass
Slow it down and work dat ass
C’mon shorty I know you a freak
I’m seein’ bitches thats thick and shit walkin’ past
Hoes on the floor poppin’ and droppin’ dat ass
Tryin’ to come up on niggas that got cash
Somethin’ like we the dumber family

I kindly clicked the link that said that these lyrics for the wrong song. Anyway it was very entertaining to read. The moral of the story don’t trust lyrics sites at least not entirely.


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