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Vampire Weekend – Walcott

With sports expected to be quite hectic tomorrow as the NHL trade deadline approaches, here’s a song that I’ve fallen in love with.

From a music blog that I read regularly due to the variety of songs placed on his blog, You Aint No Picasso where music can be sampled from various indie bands. I generally find a song here and there that I really really like. Matt Jordan the blogger recently blogged about Vampire Weekend’s Walcott and it’s unique piano riff throughout the song.

I can fairly say I am addicted to this song and this piano riff which I thought would be annoying at first has become soothing and has mixed in well with the lead singer’s soft spoken voice.

You can listen to it with this player:

Visit and their myspace page if you like what you hear.

The Killers coming to Toronto!

The Killers are planning to come to Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on May 7th. I should’ve grabbed better tickets but row 1 from the 300 level is still freaking awesome.

I am still currently looking for someone to go with or else these tickets will have to be sold. Anyone interesed in coming with me for 60 bucks?

Anyway here is cool video by the Killers that takes place in Japan with the band doing random things:



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