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The Stills: Retour A Vega

Though I don’t like the idea of learning French. A lot of French songs are really good. This song which was on the Wicker Park soundtrack I loved the second I heard it. I have renewed love for the Stills though it is for “Logic Will Break Your Heart” and not so much the new stuff. Here’s the link on youtube

Here are the Lyrics and Translations:
ça y est c’est reparti je me divise en deux
je suis tout à la fois l’acteur et le décor
je ne sais où je vais, où je vais le saurais-je
je ne vais nulle part mais à toute vitesse
l’haleine des camions le soleil alienant
sur le toit du Bancroft building à Montréal
les filles à moitié nues je pense à toi souvent
les filles complètement nues ça me fait toujours mal
et puis je reste là les gens me semblent heureux
si tu savais souffrir je m’emporterais mieux
tu receveras ma lettre déchirante et déchirée
les larmes de non-retour de la chienne crevée

Tranlated into:
That’s it, here I go again, I’m dividing into two I’m both the actor and the scenery
Don’t know where I go, where I go should I know?
I go nowhere but I go at full speed
The breath of the trucks, the alienating sun
On the roof of the Brancroft Building at Montreal
The half-naked girls, I think often of you
The full-naked girls, it always hurt me
And I stay there the people look happy to me
If you knew how to suffer I’d feel better
You’ll receive my letter, heart-breaking and torn
The non-return tears of the dead bitch

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible Review

Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire was released March 5th, 2007. I received my pre-orders copied from Merge Records a week late. This album reached #1 on Canadian and Ireland charts as well as #2 in the USA and the United Kingdom. As you can see Neon Bible had very successful sale numbers.

Okay for the special edition that I received I got the album, as well as these booklets that were made by the band artists. I really didn’t like these booklets and I was over them in about 30 seconds. I did get a Neon Bible posters and a Merge Records sticker that is currently decorating my crappy room.

Onto the album, some of the reviews on MetaCritic were solid but some of them referred to Neon Bible as not being as good as Funeral. Yes Funeral was a great album but I’ve had a chance to listen to Black Mirror, Keep the Car Running, Ocean of Noise, Antichrist Television Blues etc. for over a month to know this is just as good of album as Funeral and even better. I think this album requires time to listen to and most who review albums can only give very little of their ears.

This album mixes in the vast array of instruments they use like they always do. In addition their songs lacking more of a sad tone have more a stronger, soothing and more intelligent tone. The spiritual lyrics involved on Neon Bible (obviously) really have given me something music has never really done before. It preaches god in an emotional manner. I feel like I’m discovering something new about the album each and every day and I’m glad I dished out the money to buy this album even if I shouldn’t have bought the special edition. 5 stars out of 5.

All the songs are the album are great but here is a random song I’ll upload so you can have a listen. All the songs are my favourites but I really love the lyrics:
“I don’t want to live with my father’s debt
You can’t forgive what you can’t forget
I don’t want to live in my father’s house no more”

Have a listen here:

Regina Spektor: Better

I am really tired from staying up all night for my biology exam so I can’t bear to type a full article:

This is a low budget video from Regina Spektor off the Begin to Hope album. It isn’t really all that pleasing of a video but it is one of my favourites on the album. Have a lisen! If you don’t like embedded youtube videos click this link


Arrah and The Ferns: Evan is a Vegan Review

I bought Evan is a Vegan after hearing two songs: Science books and Apple for Evan from my favourite music blogger Matt from YouAintNoPicasso. These two songs compelled to buy the album because one they were great and they had a female on vocals, which I usually become addicted to.

Thankfully the record label Standing Recording offered PayPal as a means of buying the album or I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to catch some of these songs. At first to be honest I couldn’t get myself to listen to some songs with the beginning of the album being Pre-Pre-teens seemed to be just filler and more annoying. I tend to myself skipping these tracks and listening to 90% of the album that is good and worthwhile.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear Skylark as I really liked Carl Stovner’s vocals and that song has become the new song that is repeated over and over on my album. All the tracks I have really liked after listening to them for awhile. Another personal favourite of mine of is Bundle Up.

There is not that much info about Arrah and The Ferns on the internet as they don’t even have a page on Wikipedia yet (they should)! They are a indie pop folk band from Muncie, Indiana. I have no idea where that is but it sounds far from Toronto. Even being seldom known at the moment on the internet, doesn’t take away that this is a solid album.

This also seems like a band with SO much potential and I really look forward to their stuff in the future. I’ll give the album a 4 out of 5. I think some people may be turned off by sounding too folk and not necessarily cool but I don’t care as this band has become one of my favourites.

You can listen to Apple for Evan and my favourite Skylark on Arrah and The Fern’s Myspace.
There website too.

Performing Emo Phillips:


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