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Linkin Park Minutes To Midnight Review

This album was highly anticipated I would say since it’s been awhile and I loved the last release Meteora. Since then, my music taste has changed and grown to a more indie style. One thing for sure though no matter the doubters, I thought their music was great and I really liked it. Lots of people claimed that Linkin Park claimed their stuff is all “the same” well I can tell you people to f*** off because if you want someone to change their whole style you tend to get bad results.

Midnights to Midnight is a different animal. There is much less rap. It feels quieter even with screaming, the screaming is with less rage and is too organized. Most of the songs are boring, not like most Linkin Park where there were interesting beats, screaming and some good rap from Mike Shinoda. The rapping took a back burner and it appears to be on only one song so it was less of a mix genres between rock and rap which most people I know really liked. This album can really suck depending on your tastes. There are a few good songs on here, I did like Shadow of the Day though it’s not really representing Linkin Park well, as well as the song In Between which is sung by Mike Shinoda.

Overall the album wasn’t good but they may have some success with some of the singles. I probably will not listen to it again after I’m done my review but there are at least some decent songs. I don’t think it’s worth buying and you’re probably better off saving the 10-15 bucks it costs. 2.5 out of 5 is what I give.

Shadow of the Day.mp3

My first concert: Arcade Fire with Handsome Furs

This show probably would have been even that more amazing if I went with someone else, Kevin didn’t want to put up the big bucks. It also would have been much better with better seats since I had an obstructed view and I could only see 75% of the band on a few occasions.

The Handsome Furs came out to a small crowd and I was a bit disappointed because according to YouAintNoPicasso via Pitchfork, it was supposed be Wolf Parade and I really started to dig the song “I’ll believe in anything” (listen below). The Handsome Furs are a side project of Wolf Parade and they weren’t a bad duo with their synthesizer.
The crowd was packed when it was time for the Arcade Fire to get on the stage. Almost the whole crowd was standing the whole time, clapping, singing along and cheering. The atmosphere was great as it looked like two times the Arcade Fire was going to leave and the applause lasted for so long that they came back twice for two encores.

The lighting was superb, they have these light poles that was in synchronized with the beat of each song. The interpretive dancing by Regine was very sexy and just the fact that each member switched to a different instrument for a new song was impressive. It was a great first show and I’m no longer a concert virgin! My ears are still recovering, my hands and legs were sore from clapping and standing for so long!!

“I’ll Believe in Anything” by Wolf Parade (Link)

One of my favourite Arcade Fire songs “Cars and Telephones” (Link)

Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha Review

Andrew Bird Andrew Bird is an indie rocker from Illinois and plays the violin, guitar and glockenspiel. This album was anticipated when I heard the single Heretics where the dark lyrics mixed with Andrew Bird’s mellow voice really attracted me to download his other things.

The album Armchair Apocrypha displays Andrew Bird’s smooth voice but I’m not sure I am digging this album as much as his last release The Mysterious Production of Eggs. The lyrics are challenging for me as I have no idea what he’s trying to say in most songs and I have no idea what it relates to. This album is great to falling asleep to but it’s not something I can listen to endlessly.

While some songs like Fiery Crash I learned to really like, there doesn’t seem to be another Heretics where I am singing along to and while this album is probably much deeper then what I could ever understand I simply can’t give it a rave review.

I give this album 3.5 out of 5. It was given a 81 Rating on Metacritic which is excellent but I’m not sur everyone would like this as it is a tough listen (for me anyway).

Listen below to stream Fake Palindromes my favourite of Andrew Bird’s songs. Or use the link here.

Feist: The Reminder Review

Album Cover of The Reminder The Reminder came out in stores last week and I actually bought it on time in a store. I am pleased that I did. I really didn’t know what to expect but I had high expectations after loving Let It Die.
On The Reminder it’s less jazzy and has songs that are more poppy like My Moon, My Man or I Feel It All or 1234. This album gave me less of a depressing feeling like the songs Let It Die or Lonely Lonely and more of a Mushaboom feeling throughout the entire album. This album I’ve played constantly for a week. The music and lyrics are great and she’s such a great singer as always so there is no change. There is still some of the jazzy, mellow sounds that she had previous with songs such The Water. This album would have me singing along, I would love to go to her concert but that’s looking in doubt with the lack of a friend to go with.

I am not disappointed at all, what else would you have me say to praise this album? It’s fucking awesome and she’s fucking sexy. I can’t help but to swear. I give it a 5 out of 5. I’ll leave you guys with one upload and 2 of her YouTube videos.
Listen to I Feel it all below:

Music Video for 1234:
Music Video for My Moon, My Man

Kaiser Chiefs Yours Truly, Angry Mob Review

The Kaiser Chiefs released their much-anticipated follow up to Employment that had lovable catchy tunes such as I Predict A Riot, Everyday I Love You Less and Less, Oh My God etc. I can keep going on and on how I liked the Employment so much.

With Yours Truly Angry Mob, it really lacked those addictive catchy pop songs and it didn’t really have me singing along regardless how different the lyrics were like I Was Born To be a Dancer.
This album received harsh reviews on Metacritic and receiving a 61 score. I am not going to say it’s bad album because there are some songs I liked but this is not an album I would say this album is nothing special if not forgettable in my opinion. I hope that the Kaiser Chiefs come out with something better so I can place them back on my favourite bands list. I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

My favourite song on this album happens to be shortest as it probably reminded me the most of Employment called Boxing Champ at 1 minute 31 seconds. Check it out below.


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