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Albums Out This Week: Most Serene Republic and Sunset Rubdown

Albums out this week that involves Indie rock and therefore of interest to me, are from two Canadian bands, Most Serene Republic and Sunset Rubdown.

First off with the Most Serene Republic. I personally took a peak of their album with the stream provided on their website. I am not quite sure this is my style but if I can dedicate more time to it. I will definitely offer my thoughts in a blog post. MSR is from Milton, Ontario and are Broken Social Scene’s Arts & Crafts. I’m no longer able to find the stream of “Population” but owell.

Anyway an album I will definitely check out and after finding out about this band is Sunset Rubdown a band out of Montreal. Sunset Rubdown is fronted by Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade. I have gotten to really like Wolf Parade over the last few months and I saw the Handsome Furs (another member of Wolf Parade) with the Arcade Fire and I generally liked their stuff. I just downloaded a few songs from Sunset Rubdown and I almost feel it’s identical to Wolf Parade. You will be seeing a review of Random Spirit Lover.

Here is Stadiums and Shrines II by Sunset Rubdown:

Beirut’s Nantes Street Performance

Beirut is a band I’ve heard about for some time but never actually got around to listening to their stuff. Zachary Condon front’s Beirut where they are labeled in genres like indie, folk and pop.

They are playing a sold out show in Toronto in October and from watching this street performance I can see why:

Beirut is to release the The Flying Cup Club in October 9th and I am definitely going to check it out. I’ve been listening to Gulag Orkestar in the mean time.

If you have heard about Beirut before anyone want to recommend anything? If you haven’t watch that video!

Stars – In Our Bedroom After the War Review

The Stars have released In Our Bedroom After the War for a few months on the internet. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous release “Set Yourself On Fire” and that would rate as a 5 out of 5 as it was good from top to bottom (for me anyway).

First off when I listed this to album, it gave off a bad vibe because all the other Stars’ stuff was easy to like and I usually liked it instantly. I felt greatly disappointed as I listened to it more. Firstly there aren’t many songs for me to cling on to if I don’t like the album as a whole. The album in general seems very mellow and it was less poppy that got me so incredibly addicted from the last album. The first half I totally hated and while the second half is a bit better…I wish for the sake for me considering the Stars a band to follow a lot, that I never heard about this album.

I’m being honest here and I hate to give a bad review for bands I generally like and bands from Canada too. This just simply my opinion and this album is coming off my hard drive in which I will probably forget and look forward to new stuff in the future. This album gets a 2 out of 5 from me. Not impossible to listen to but I find myself bored more times then not and changing to the next album when I’m listening to “In Our Bedroom Before the War”. I hate giving out a bad review but yeah it’s deleted off my computer and I forgot to upload a song.

So here’s a video of Your Ex-Lover Is Dead:

The Stills Signed with Arts & Crafts

Kevin was supposed to do a post today and once he again he comes a little short (in more ways then one!). Anyway the Stills recently announced that they will be playing in Toronto on November 23rd and 24th. In addition they also recreated their website and are featured on Arts & Crafts which is a label that was mainly started by Broken Social Scene and includes the likes of Feist and Stars.

Pretty much I’ve been reading a lot of the reviews of their last two albums. I still love the Stills even if Without Feathers wasn’t that good. I really hope they can find that magic that was Logic Will Break Your Heart as it feels so bad that this band isn’t as big as it is. Pretty much band members leaving is a bitch…I really wish it could be reversed. I am still willing to catch them live (that’s the plan anyway) since they are still one of my favorite bands and I hope the next release goes well!

Here’s one of the songs off Logic Will Break Your Heart and a great live performance (Of Montreal):

Hot Hot Heat: Happiness Ltd. Review

Hot Hot Heat’s Happiness Ltd. has gotten some mixed reviews especially on Metacritic where they have a 61 score at the moment. The sound that Hot Hot Heat is shifted to a more mainstream sound but they still retain their catchy-ness.

I sometimes don’t agree with the majority critics but this time I find that Hot Hot Heat’s Happiness Ltd. is a decent album with some you can really like. If you are a HHH fan you shouldn’t be disappointed. I’d say this album is a 4 out of 5 and worth to stay on my computer.

It’s weird when the critics on the album just because it has become more mainstream. I think this is the case here because there is nothing that yells drastic change and something you can smoothly transition to. I think I was more of a fan of this album then “Elevator”.

If there are some downsides, there are a few mediocre not worth your ears type songs but those are few and far between. This album gives too much of an “EMO” vibe though. First the title of the album and I feel like the songs could be more appropriately titled. This may have influenced people as I was ready to NOT listen to this album based on the song titles alone. Alas, I am glad I took the time to listen to this album.

Here is some related media (Harmonicas & Tambourines and Let Me in Video):

Harmonica and Tambourines by Hot Hot Heat (download):

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