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Halloween Mix!

Today is Halloween and I’m looking for an excuse to make a list of songs simply because they are fun to do! Here’s a Halloween indie (for the most part) mash-upthat I created off my media library so sorry if I’m missing a lot of great tracks. Most of these are titled based but enjoy anyway.

1.Perfect Disguise by Modest Mouse
2.Mistaken For Strangers by The National
3.Is There A Ghost? by Band of Horses
4.The Ghost of You Lingers by Spoon
5.Werewolf by Cat Power
6.What Wolves Would Do by Les Savy Fav
7.They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!!They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhhh! by Sufjan Stevens
8.It’s a Curse by Wolf Parade
9.Crooked Teeth by Death Cab For Cutie
10.The Old Hag Is Sleeping by The Fiery Furnaces
11.Monster Hospital by Metric
12.The Chills by Peter Bjorn and John

Jens Lekman: Night Falls Over Kortedala Review

Jens Lekman is an world/indie pop artist hailing from Sweden. His album “Night Falls Over Kortedala” has received some pretty good reviews so I decided just to check it out.

Jen Lekman’s music stylistically is stepping outside of the box of what I would say I like. I am a usually a fan of indie pop but Lekman gives off a different vibe on NFOK. He has a nice/great voice and lyrically this album is solid. I just think the style of the music may turn off some people and it explain the bad reviews from Now Magazine and CokeMachineGlow.

Given the time I think you can really learn to like NFOK. I really dig a lot of the songs on the album, my favorite being Shirin a song about a good barber who cuts his hair in her apartment. Otherwise the whole album is pretty solid throughout with each song being likable.

I have to say this album isn’t perfect though. As good as the album seems to be, I am not sure one I can repeatedly listen to over and over nor will think of to play on my computer over and over. It’s likely to do with the style and for whatever reason I probably don’t feel “cool” recommending Jen Lekman.

Anyway this album is good all-around if not great at times. I’ll give it a 4.3 out of 5.
Here are my favorite tracks on the album:

Shirin by Jens Lekman

Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo by Jens Lekman

The Opposite of Hallelujah by Jens Lekman

Sherwood: A Different Light Review

This my first post, and I’ll start off with one of my favourite bands in the past 2 months. Sherwood is an indie band by definition (currently signed to Myspace records), but they are more fittingly an alternative pop rock band. Hailing from California, their catchy upbeat music, fits the feel-good, care-free lifestyle attached to the state of California

I first heard of Sherwood after purchasing tickets to the Sleeping With Giants Tour, headlined by The Academy is… After never before hearing of Sherwood, it was a safe bet that I should probably listen to some of their stuff before going to see them live. Their first song off the album, A Different Light, instantly hooked me. “Song in my head” starts the album off with a mellow beat, which retains the upbeat nature of Sherwood’s music. The best way I can describe this song is “it’s the perfect background tune, for any happy memory you want to reminiscence about.” Other notable songs are Middle of the Night, which is a little more aggressive, and Alley Cat, which is perhaps their softest beat off the album. Sherwood doesn’t have the most original vocals or beats, but the way their songs and album are put together is excellent. Through their music the band provides hope for a sunny day, or helps others recall memories of the past. I would definitely recommend this band for those who have a softer taste in music, and perhaps like the nostalgic feeling over simply music alone.

Sherwood – Song in my head

Sherwood – Middle of the night

Sherwood – Alley Cat

Division Day – To Buy Beartrap Island Or Not?

Division Day
I think I need some recommendations by somebody (would be nice to have more comments anyway). The weekend is never good for me to do an album review anyway.

Division Day is a band from Los Angeles, California that has received some hype for their awesome covers. I must admit I am a big fan of their covers as they are probably equal to the original work.

They have two songs on stream for their album (released on October 3) that I’m thinking about getting. However, I don’t seem to be a fan of “Tigers” but more of a fan of “Colorguard”. Is there anyone that would recommend the album (all the hype seems to be about the covers)? Or is there anyone that would just say to just sit back and enjoy their covers?

If you haven’t heard of Division Day listen to these tracks:

More Than This by Division Day (Roxy Music Cover)

Enjoy The Silence by Division Day (Depeche Mode Cover)

Iron And Wine: The Shepherd’s Dog Review

Let me a little honest here. The only true song I listened to by Iron and Wine (aka Sam Beam) was their cover of Such Great Heights by The Postal Service.

Otherwise I just never actively sought out his stuff. Why? No idea but it’s like that for a lot of bands. The Shepherd’s Dog received some great reviews after being released last month. I decided to check it out, it’s not so much hype and more like critical praise.

So for the last month, I really couldn’t get myself to listen to “The Shepherd’s Dog”. Why? Stylistically the soft acoustic and the mellow singing just doesn’t suit my style. Personally I love an artist can sing at the top of his lungs or can add some really good instrumentals. This is always a taste thing as you don’t really see hardcore punk fans digging something acoustic like Jack Johnson.

I can’t really fault this album due to my tastes so I have to as subjective as possible. One thing I did like were the intros to each song. It felt easy to listen to this album even if it couldn’t hold onto me for long.

There really isn’t anything to hate here. Easily listenable (I’m coining this word!), good lyrics and all around very solid. I probably won’t listen to this album much as it just doesn’t fit stylistically but this one is a very solid album. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Here are the two songs that I really liked:
Boy With A Coin by Iron & Wine

Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine

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