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Death By Decibels Tour!

The Death by Decibels tour came to the Opera House in Toronto on the 22nd of November. I checked it out with my friend Roman and I was pretty disappointed. I guess I just prefer thrash metal better than death metal. Me and Roman arrived at the venue nearly two hours late cuz we were searching for a LCBO. I had to chug my cheap Genesee beer on the way there, on the street and in the subway. I ended up chugging 4 beers in like 40 minutes.

Anyways, when we finally got to the gig, we missed 2 openers, Veil of Maya and Abigail Williams. Malevolent Creation (the second headlining band of the tour) couldn’t be part of this Canadian part of the tour because our lovely Customs wouldn’t let them in the country. They were not the only band that couldn’t get into Canada that week. Leftover Crack was also not let into the country (BIG disappointment). All this tax money we’re paying, and you’d think these government custom guards can do their jobs properly and go catch some REAL terrorists and drug traffickers.

Due to me and Roman arriving so late and Malevolent Creation not performing, we only saw 3 performances. Light This City was pretty fucking awesome. Their leadsinger chick was hot and they put up a good energetic performance. Cattle Decapitation’s performance was pretty shitty and disappointing. Vader was ok. There wasn’t much of a mosh pit going for them. And they didn’t come out for an encore after to make up for Malevolent Creation missing the tour.

Veil of Maya – Mark My Words

Light This City – Maddening Swarm

Malevolent Creation – Jack the Ripper

Cattle Decapitation – Pedeadstrians

Vader – Sword Of The Witcher

West Indian Girl – 4th & Wall

West Indian Girl
West Indian Girl is not what I expected when I first heard their band name. I first thought literally it must be a solo artist…I’m not much a fan of band names that usually instills race because it almost makes me want to use stereotypes (it’s hard not to) as to what music I should expect.

Anyway West Indian Girl is actually named after a strain of acid. They are from Los Angeles and they started out as a two-piece band but has slowly put together a full set (including the hot girls :)). I was sent 4th and Wall and after seeing many blogs decided to write a post on West Indian Girl, I figure I should give it a shot.

4th and Wall I would have to describe as mainly as a pop album with solid lyrics. As always the case I dig the mix of male/female vocals. At times it does get annoying the random beats and attempts to be psychedelic…there are some periods without vocals that annoy me. It’s a decent album but I think this band could be more successful with a more simpler sound.

I’m giving this album a 3.5 out of 5. Nothing I can compare it to… but it’s solid with a few tracks I think some people would dig like “Sophia”, “All My Friends” and “Back To You”. “Live In Die in LA” is the only track I’m allowed to post and it is one of their better songs but due to every other blog having only this track I feel discouraged as I like to post different stuff and stand out from the other blogs :).

Anyway check out this track it’s pretty decent and it’s possibly a Tupac refernece?

To Die in LA by West Indian Girl

Kate Nash – Made of Bricks

I was first introduced to Kate Nash while searching for various covers. I stumbled across her covers of Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys) and I’m Not Going To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Black Kids). She has a unique voice and slowly won me over with these covers (I think her rendition of INGTTYBHTDWY is much better then the original).

Kate Nash lists one of my favorite artists, Regina Spektor as an influence though most call her a bit of a mix between Lily Allen and Spektor, a comparison I would’ve gone with without reading anything. Kate Nash is a 20-year old British hottie, and I’d very much like to marry her (anyone wanna introduce her to me? haha). Anyway from listening to her stuff she definitely is a very talent songwriter with a great voice. Not as quite as good as Regina but I don’t think many can compare. Nash is compared to Allen because she sings with the usually curse word, kind of the bad ass attitude shown by Allen.

To me Kate is much more talented then Lily Allen. Her album Made of Bricks which is released in the States in January should probably be a huge hit (if not there is no God as she is too talented). She’s quite a hit with the blogs, YouTube and mySpace so it’s only a matter of time before she becomes successful in the mainstream (and then I’ll forget about her because the mainstream is not cool) Her album has received “meh” reviews but I think this album is more about talent and artistry rather then the pop songs that Lily Allen spews out. Specifically Pitchfork (I hate their reviews) shows no consistency when reviewing this album but whatever I still use it as potential new albums that are released. I don’t read their reviews and only check out the mySpaces of the artist myself.

I’ll give it a 4 out of 5. For being solid and giving me a few songs that I really love.

Foundations, Mouthwash and Mariella ended up being my favorites (though I loved a few others). Mariella shows such great vocal talent and you should listen to the song fully.

Mariella by Kate NashFoundations by Kate NashVideo for Mouthwash:


Lowstar is a band out of London, England. I promised to do a post about them after liking what I heard (I actually decided it couldn’t hurt to ask a few interview questions since I need to work on it but I got lazy).

, I would describe as harder sounding and I feel as if their sound is more like that of 90s popular rock. I wanted to bring up Bush as an example or maybe the harder Audioslave stuff. Either way it sounds grungy to me but Lowstar has a better lead singer. I feel like it if they were from the States or around 5 years ago they probably would be big. O the times…

Anyway their myspace page sadly only has around 2,000 profile views as I write this and they are much more deserving. They offer their tracks freely available to download (I’m hotlinking their mp3s so just visit their website if you like what you hear).

Their myspace has 4 tracks playing that I would recommend checking it out.

Otherwise listen to these two tracks and if you like harder rock with great intros and great riffs throughout with pretty vocals you’ll like Lowstar.

Alphabet Blues by Lowstar

Out of Control by Lowstar

Grey Cup – Indie Music Mix

The Grey Cup is on today. For you Americans who probably have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s basically the CFL’s superbowl. If you have never seen Canadian football I’d strongly recommend it as it’s a fun game to watch with much better rules (though it is 3-down football). Today’s game is between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Anyway to honor a Canadian tradition, here’s are some songs dedicated to tonight’s game from my play list. Enjoy!

1. Champagne From A Paper Cup by Death Cab For Cutie.
2. A Sunday Smile by Beirut
3. Green Gloves by the National
4. Rough Hands by Alexisonfire
5. Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider by Of Montreal(3 songs for the Riders, their colors are green fyi)
6. Bomb Inside the Bomb by We Are Scientists
7. True Blue by the Bright Eyes
8. Gold Mine Gutted by the Bright eyes (for the Blue & Gold – Blue Bombers)
9. Bundle Up by Arrah & The Ferns (though it’s indoors this year, the Grey Cup is always played in the cold!)

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