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Playlist Dedicated To Leap Years

Today is February 29 and I won’t be allowed to say it for another 4 years and considering many blogs die after that period of time, this may be my one and only chance to do a leap year playlist!

This playlist was REALLY hard to think of. I didn’t have any tracks that included “leap” and that makes me sad lol.

1. Drift Away by Uncle Kracker (only title in my library with “drift” as our calendar would drift off if there were no
2. I Stand Corrected by Vampire Weekend (the point of leap years is to correct our calendar as approximately 1 year has an extra 6 hours)
3. Calendar Girl by Stars
4. Hours That You Keep by Maritime
5. Pace is the Trick by Interpol
6. Common People by Pulp (Doesn’t a leap year wish it wasn’t the black sheep and be a common year?)
7. The Happy Birthday Song by Andrew Bird (February 29 is arguably the coolest day to have a birthday on!)
8. Holla, Holla by Ja Rule (other then Saul Williams there aren’t many other musicians with February 29 as a birthday)

Only 8 tracks but enjoy!

Protest the Hero: Fortress Review

Protest the Hero is a fairly popular Canadian hardcore/progressive/metalcore/mathcore metal band from Whitby, Ontario. ‘Fortress’ is their second album and the first album I’ve heard from them. The first time I listened to the album, I didn’t like it. That is probably because I don’t listen to that kind of metal.

I don’t like Protest’s vocals. It consists of a lot of screaming and growling accompanied by whiny unmelodic singing. The growling I don’t mind as much but it’s the bad singing that really gets me. They do have a fair bit of good guitar shredding though. “Sequoia Throne” and “Palms Read” both started off pretty good and then quickly fell flat, kind of like a soufflé made by an amateur chef that deflates before it gets to your table. “Spoils” and “Bone Marrow” both end in instrumental, which are really the only parts of this album I liked.

I’ve now listened to this album three times. I still don’t like it. Nothing really stands out for me and every song sounds alike. I should really listen to their first album before deciding if this is just a bad album or a bad band. There are quite a few Protest fans out there. Obviously we all have different tastes and I guess I just appreciate good metal music. I’m afraid this is an album I’m gonna have to protest (HIYO!).


Sequoia Throne


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The Dirtbombs – We Have You Surrounded

I got a chance to see The Dirtbombs open for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club back in October. Their performance was pretty awesome…just fitting for the drunken, dirty audience we were! Hailing from Detroit, this comic band fuses garage rock into something more like your classic “nu” rock ’n’ roll—the likes of The Sounds, The Hives, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their newest album, We Have You Surrounded (2008) was released two days ago. Overall, this album isn’t too bad, but it isn’t that great, either. It may be that I’m slipping away from this sound, but I found some songs a drag to listen to, despite its point to be comical. “Sherlock Holmes” has this psychedelic-like style to it, but the lead guitar sounds so uncreative and forced it becomes annoying. The vocals on “It’s Not Fun Until They See You Cry” sounds like a preacher who talks like a skipping record player. “Wreck My Flow” sounds way overplayed (the riff, the vocals, the overall style), and the lead guitar is also pretty annoying (it seriously sounds like a fire truck). Other songs are a little refreshing, definitely reminiscent to the garage punk rock sound (“Fire in the Western World”, “Ever Lovin’ Man”). There were some interesting tunes, but otherwise I didn’t really care for this album. I felt like they really weren’t getting into their music, and it seemed almost like a chore badly done.

I still maintain that they are great performers, however, and would urge anyone interested in this genre to see these guys live.

Here are the tracks I liked the most:

The Dirtbombs – Indivisible

The Dirtbombs – Ever Lovin’ Man

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Why I Won’t Like MGMT

I was introduced to MGMT by a label PR manager e-mailing about MGMT‘s Oracular Spectacular, promoting their performance as well as bribe to post about them and offer giveaways such as vinyl, cds and concert tickets when they came to Toronto with Yeasayer. Generally you don’t see too many music giveaways unless it’s a major label promoting a band as indie bands have to go through the word of mouth way (long live music blogs!).

One caution with music blogging is not to be influenced by the free cds, and the other perks we get doing something everyone genuinely likes to do which is to discuss music. I am kind of rolling my eyes in this case as to why a MGMT has become so popular of late. When I first received the e-mail about the contest opportunities they had 300K myspace hits and now they have a million.

The first thing promoted by the label was their sub-par/average performance on Letterman’s late show. Like what makes this performance stand out that it become a “hot video” on El.bows. It’s just a normal performance by a band that seemed relatively unknown to me.

The funny thing is I was talking to a friend about the worst bands she’s seen live and guess which band she mentioned, MGMT! Hah, unknown to her though was that MGMT was getting some considerable hype which seemed rather questionable to her.

I rejected the offer to hold a contest on my blog regarding MGMT, I cited that “Time To Pretend” seems like their only good song and the other tracks were not good enough to be promoted by me and I would rather promote smaller (indie and non-major) and more deserving bands.

After watching a few videos of MGMT and their music video for Time To Pretend, I have become increasingly annoyed by their popularity. Mainly because this seems like another average or “meh” band that due to the structure of the music industry (major vs indie) is having success when I don’t think it’s all that deserving. (They aren’t that special, they are basically a pop band without any complexity).

They have received some hype from Rolling Stone and Spin, but does that count in my world where indie has an equal footing with mainstream rock? Getting a review from Pitchfork is not bad but who cares about a 6.8 out of 10? and PrefixMag doesn’t count (it’s a blog calling itself a magazine, why I don’t I just start one up?).

Their style also annoys the crap out of me. It comes off as fake, and overdone. MGMT is nothing special but it feels like their acting like their such “hipsters” it disgusts me. Here’s a hint to you musicians who actually want to be cool, make good music! They apparently perform pagan festivals in their free time (sure sure) and dress like fools while giving off the pro-drugs vibe with their “psychedelic” video. One rule of thumb for me is music comes before style or you’re just some loser wannabe.

If you watch the video for Time To Pretend, it’s a fucking joke (Click here). If you fall for this shit and come as off as saying MGMT is so hip and cool, you’re more gullible then a dog. I guess there’s more meaning to “Time To Pretend” :P.

Time To Pretend by MGMT

Flame away!

Facteur – Exclusive Track

Simon Henner (Facteur) ended up seeing my post featuring 3 tracks off his demo. All 8 tracks are really good and he offered Allan’s World a special 9th track to give out to the world.

I’m pretty stoked to receive something like and it makes me feek special. Either way, check out the Dr. Rythm Remix. I’m not sure if I should include the spelling mistake and I feel inclined to put in the “h” just to show everyone I can spell!

It seems to me anything Facteur does will be a success so you should check his stuff if you’re into the dance/electronica/house genres. He’s also a really nice guy and I’m stoked to being able to put up this track.

Dr Rythm Remix by Facteur

I don’t know who has done the original track. The track was done by the New Europeans. Here is another post on Facteur on Kidz by Colette… it’s in French.

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