Weekly Wrap- Up

I guess I plan to highlight all the week’s posts and some news around the blogosphere to add something different.

With a ton of new writers on board. I won’t get into any details as of yet but it’s more then a handful who will cover even more genres and music.

Reviews on Allan’s World of Music:
Forever In A Day – It’s So Well Rehearsed
The New Frontiers – Mending Review

The Hold Steady – Stay Positive Review

Shad – The Old Prince Review
Red Sparowes – Aphorisms EP Review
Sun Kil Moon – April Review

Special post:
Pineapple Express – Review and Playlist
Burial’s Identity Revealed
this. Concert Review

Around the blogosphere:
Kings of Leon have been a hot topic with their mp3 release of Sex On Fire. (haven’t listened personally)
The Faint has been a hot band on the blogosphere. Despite a below average score on P4k. I tried listening to their myspace, didn’t like it and moved on.
Bat For Lashes covered The Cure’s A Forest.

I was also shocked at 3:50AM when I heard a thud. Then the sky turned orange and off in the distance was a big ass explosion that looked like a bomb. Photo Junkie had pictures of it.

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