Kate Miller-Heidke – Curiouser Review

Kate Miller-Heidke is from Brisbane, Australia, the second consecutive Australian singer-songwriter that I’m reviewing. Miller-Heidke is not really take the rest of the world by storm but more or less concentrating on her home country unlike Lenka, despite both being on Sony BMG.

Miller-Heidke got my attention with her track Can’t Shake It (video below) which is a dance pop track that works on many levels while Miller-Heidke brings out her own style to it (specifically a unique Australian accent to it). It’s great that way, it’s a type of a voice that many might not like at first but it’s not everyday where you hear a track such as this and thus I was instantly compelled to check out Curiouser.

As a side note, she seems to like a style of having a nose pad or something on her face, I’m no style expert but I’d probably prefer to see how her face normally looks (turns out she’s pretty hot too, just odd I guess). Anyone want to give me any background on this “look”?

Curiouser is Kate’s second release, I probably couldn’t find the first if I tried and while it looks like she’s popular, hopefully that popularity extends worldwide. Anyway, back to the music. On “Can’t Shake It”, Miller-Heidke is the modest type, saying she can’t bust a move and that her execution of the moon walk is like “she stepped in shit”. In that sense, she brilliantly conveys her lack of confidence, confidently. In the opening moments she shows off by submitting herself to a lover before on “God’s gift to women” suggesting that “If you’re god’s gift to women, then god got it wrong” – ouch. On “Caught in the Crowd” sings a pop folk song as its dense lyrically talking about an experience with a boy that seems biographical. It isn’t a love song but more or less having a friend that isn’t cool and not really hanging out with that person. It’s not a great song, as it really forces Kate to move quickly lyrically without using much of her vocal talent but I do feel like it’s truthful, it’s not a grand story in any sense, just a little weird where it fits into things (no real end story, just a random somewhat sad story.

Kate mixes things up in bits a pieces going between dance songs, a folk song, a piano ballad (The Last Day on Earth) and simple pop songs. I personally like her when she uses her vocal talent, even better when it can be mixed up but when she’s not singing to her full potential it leaves me disappointed. I also enjoy it when she goes out of tune and brings a unique side to it like on “I Like You Better When You’re Not Around”. You probably have to listen to the track yourself to see what I mean but it instantly becomes a favorite with this small piece of creativeness.

I don’t like all the songs on this album, but she’s wild and unique enough for me to give her some credit. She may not be the greatest song writer but it’s hard to dispute that she’s very talented. I think she needs to let herself a little more because when she does, it’s EPIC. Sure it’s like Regina Spektor but Miller-Heidke is much more loose and of course fun.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5
Can’t Shake It by Kate Miller-Heidke
I Like You Better When You’re Not Around by Kate Miller-Heidke

Video is after the jump.

Photo from Joel Courtney.


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