AWmusic’s Overrated Acts of 2008

I use the word “overrated” in a different light. I personally see if it as a positive thing for a band or artist to be labeled with the word overrated. In my opinion it’s better to be “overrated” then “underrated”, sure it’s nice to say someone say your talents are better hen people are recognize but whoopde-fucking-do, as much as I’d like to say my opinion means something in by no ways do I expect to affect the masses. Some artists are overrated due to increasing popularity and credible (or more credible) critics liking an artist’s work.

Here is my overrated of 2008 list. I tried to be objective and included artists I like as artists you like can be overrated too.
#5 Vampire Weekend
Why are they so successful?
Early on when they passed around their Blue CD-R (I’ve got a copy), the production values were not of a band that was self-releasing their stuff –as it was a great album from an unknown band. They became blogger darlings for almost a full year while releasing EPs and mercifully releasing their self titled disc with just two new tracks. Pitchfork gave them an 8.8, played on SNL and had their popularity EXPLODE.
What makes them overrated?
They are really just a pop rock band. Granted a pretty good one, they just aren’t going to wow everyone with their brand of pop.
What are their chances of proving their worth?
75%. I think they proved with “Ottoman”, the Fleetwood Mac and Radiohead cover that they can achieve greatness beyond what they showed on their self titled release. I’m really high on Vampire Weekend and they personally haven’t really given any reason to doubt it. However, they do need to bigger and better things to have those naysayers silenced.
Ottoman by Vampire Weekend
#4 Fleet Foxes
Why are they so successful?
The Fleet Foxes had the best year in terms of critics praising their band. They had Pitchfork’s #1 album of the year and that website is huge…
What makes them overrated?
The album is good don’t get me wrong, but best band and album of 2008? It’s arguable but I think there’s just a bit too much hype. They’re all great singers but they didn’t amaze me or change my life like “Midnight Organ Fight” or “Random Spirit Lover”. There are definitely better choices for album of the year.
What are their chance of proving their worth?
I’d say 70%. They have big shoes to fill on whatever they release. There are countless examples of the “one album wonder” and the pedestal that the Foxes have been placed on make it unlikely their next album will come close.
Meadowlark by Fleet Foxes

#3 Lindstrom
Why is he so successful?
Critics love his album Wherever You Go I go Too. I don’t (I tried an experimental review HAH, betcha it wasn’t that good :-P). It is different and experimental which has critics getting their pants wet. Containing just 3 tracks on an hour long record, one song clocks in at close to a half hour..
What makes him so overrated?
Think about, 3 songs, one song is 30 minutes long the other two are 15 minutes long. I’m all for long songs that are really good and make you feel like it’s just 4 minutes but this 30 minute track made me feel like it’s really 2 and a half hours. I was urged to press the skip button but I realized that it did me no good. The music itself isn’t great, lots of looped sections, duplicates and ultimately it doesn’t end anywhere. I understand it’s different but it still doesn’t make it any good.
What are his chances proving his worth?
Incomplete. He may satisfy critics again but it’ll take some actual innovative music (e.g. not just slapping on a 30 minute track and multiple repeats that has more pretentiousness then most albums (who honestly believes they can pull off a 30 minute track?)
-No mp3 (files are too big)
Why are they so successful?
They have had an ability to stay relevant even after lukewarm reviews from critics. Some great marketing, some pretty good remixes and some great singles propelled them to internet Superstardom.
What makes them overrated?
While the psychedelic label is thrown on them quite a bit, they are merely dressed up pop with some simple but effective keyboard arrangements. They are hardly a band to change the landscape of music. While some songs are enjoyable, they really had an half of an album. The first album contained those popular singles, the second half kind of sucked though did show some promise. They haven’t released that much material to stay relevant, they just had other artists remix their work.
What are their chances of proving their worth?
50%. I think it can go either way. The masses ditch the popular as fast as they get into them and MGMT could very well go the way of the Killers and suck from here on out.
Time To Pretend by MGMT
#1 Girl Talk
Why is he so successful?
Good reviews and Feed The Animals took a lot of songs that was brilliantly mixed. It’s also using popular music, creating the perfect party mix for both casual fans and hardcore fans of music (I really like the album).
Why makes him overrated?
Over glorified DJ. Other then mixing, which a DJ can do, he’s really just taking 30 second samples and songs and putting it together (no other DJ likely has actually put this on record since it’s potentially illegal). In the big scale of things, he’s not really doing much. He also likes really shitty music. He mixes the music well but I’d rather drop dead then listen to some of the music he uses.
What are his chances of proving his worth?
10%. Girl Talk can’t do the same exact thing that he’s done in his past two albums. He’s ultimately reached the peak of popularity and will have to create rather then mix. It’s likely that he will have a lot of trouble whatever he does which is why the odds are so stacked against him.
Hands In The Air by Girl Talk


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