Animal Collective – My Girls Video – Blue Man Group Anyone?

I normally don’t do posts like these but the album I was planning to review…well isn’t slated for a release yet so I’ll wait.

The new music video for Animal Collective’s My Girls has been released and isn’t all that spectacular.

Most music videos aren’t anyway. There are some moments meant to inspire the trippy nature that is Animal Collective while the band in under a silhouette. The problem I find is that I have a hard time not imagining The Blue Man Group. While you watch that video, just paint the heads blue, go ahead. Now try to stop imagining. See? It’s like the Blue Man Group decided to jump in that Ipod commercial. The ironic thing is that it wouldn’t be too far fetched. The Blue Man Group always has interesting ways of performing with music and could be caught playing with the same instrument setup in the video.

^Trying to justify not being crazy. Has it worked?

Wow did I really write this? Owell..I’ve got nothing else.


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