Songs for a Slow Season

At this time of year, when the view of diminishing daylight outside your window encourages you to stay indoors where it is warm and bathed in electric light, you’ll probably turn towards that which comforts you. The activity of the busy exterior world can be ignored and the urgency of life can be forgotten, and maybe your listening tastes will be refashioned too, by an environment that suggests you should be taking it easy, not moving too much and keeping warm. If that is the case, here are a few downtempo tracks to help you ease into the languid and contemplative state suited for late January

Here We Go Magic – Tunnel Vision

Here We Go Magic is the new outfit fronted by Luke Temple and this track has been popping up on websites everywhere as a precursor to the debut album, much like the seven-inch single used to do years ago (released February 24th on Western Vinyl). As this song indicates and the album augments, this isn’t an electro-folk digression but an expansive and inclusive exploration into the idioms of folk, electro-trickery and muted recording techniques.
Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision

Sleeping States – Rivers

Markland Starkie AKA Sleeping States is the kind of artist you want to hold to your bosom and keep as your own and unfairly/secretly hope no one else is going to find, even though he’s be around for a while now (There the Open Spaces will be the grand old age of two this year). But in these months of relative hibernation Starkie’s lethargic lullabies are the kind of songs that perfectly complement a slower way of life.
Sleeping States – Rivers

Real Estate – Suburban Beverage

This new band made up of members of Predator Vision and Ducktails are currently being touted as the kind of outfit you want to hear on a beach holiday when the air feels as if it’s on fire and people start wearing ridiculous looking summer clothes. But the listless jangle of Suburban Beverage with its weary vocals and guitars peals form a befitting calm winter soundtrack to play in the movie of your life – when you aren’t doing very much at all.

Real Estate – Suburban Beverage


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