Japandroids – Post-Nothing Review

The Japandroids could probably be called ladykillers with all their success from Post-Nothing but I prefer the term critickillers. They’ve absolutely killed it, with critics having orgasms off this 8-track album.

First things first, Post-Nothing is a cocky album name. A little egotistical perhaps – hey they may be having some “fun” but in as little as a few words as “post-nothing” they’re calling themselves creative, original and new so I love the album title. Fun is a keyword to this review. Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun you’ll see 50 more times so I just prepared you for it.

I heard from friends that Post-Nothing was very “meh”. When I first heard it myself, I wanted to call it “fun”. There wasn’t anything great I found on the first few listens, and I still think that it isn’t great but it was still very enjoyable.

Being a two-piece band, I guess at times you should probably not have lofty expectations when it comes to technical ability or at least has to be into context. The Japandroids simply don’t wow me to jaw dropping levels with their musicianship. However, as a two piece they do make an enjoyable album with what they have, with simple but noisy guitar lines. Both vocalists shout out their intentionally lo-fi work, usually with simple lines like “We used to dream, Now We Worry About Dying” on Young Hearts Spark Wire.

For me this music, is very simplistic and easy to enjoy. There’s not that much too much it. That’s why it feels like I’m not going all gaga over it. I certainly didn’t have trouble going through tracks from 1-8 so while it does have a level of simplicity and the noise doesn’t hurt it, it does a good job with the hand they’ve been dealt.

While comparisons can be made to No Age, Japandroid’s Post-Nothing isn’t as complex nor as good as that album, hopefully people keep out Wavves out of the discussion because Japandroids are way above them.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5
I still don’t think it’s one of the best records of the year or should win Polaris. But hey that’s me. I still can’t call this album shit, because it’s actually pretty good. I do have a hard time seeing why critics have flocked to them but hey that’s them. I think (keyword I think) I’ve never one for being a critical hard ass anyway. I’ve had a lot of fun listening to this record but alas I’ve got more Polaris Prize rants upcoming.

Young Hearts Spark Fire by Japandroids
I Quit Girls by Japandroids
P.S. On the final track, I Quit Girls, Brian King and David Prowse expressed their love for each other. Don’t they look so cute on the album cover? I mean really look at how he puts his shoulder on his bandmate so affectionately.
(just kidding…)


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