Fatty Down – Soup review

I’ve been on a bit of a tangent for a little while, with about 90% of my content on this site being dedicated to hip hop news and reviews. Actually, that’s pretty much all I’ve been listening to for the last few weeks, but it’s so hard to tear myself away from it when every day I’m able to uncover new and wonderful discoveries, both on the internet and around the local Vancouver scene.

One of the latest albums I’ve been addicted to is by a local artist by the name of Fatty Down. A new mixtape, titled ‘Soup’, is being offered as a free release to those that have supported him throughout his 10 year stint in Vancouver’s hip hop scene – a sort of thank you to the fans that have helped him grow in order to gain the status of being one of the freshest voices throughout the underground.

This 11 song album opens with ‘Sippin A Beer’, which could easily be one of the hottest songs this summer. A solid but laid back beat by North Vancouver’s D-Rec provides an amazing backdrop to Fatty’s smooth melodic flow; both elements working together to make this song nothing less than perfect. It quickly changes stride with ‘Soda Pop’. This song, featuring Suga D, has a grimey beat hard enough to be blasted over a car stereo and shake the concrete, but also able to rock any dance floor.

This album, for the most part, has a pretty laid back feel. ‘Sick About It’ and ‘Rewind’ both featuring Dani & Lizzy, ‘Loizy Sunshine’, ‘Love Love Love’ and ‘Did Ya Find Ya’ featuring Moka Only are softer and more melodic, displaying not only Fatty’s talents as a rapper but also a singer. ‘No Foolin Me’, ‘Hot Like 4 Sweaters’, ‘Rock Rock’ featuring Suga D and ‘Dust Might Land’ featuring Snak the Ripper & Mos Eisley are geared more towards the straight up rap approach.

All in all this is a solid release. ‘Soup’ has to be one of the best finds I’ve come across recently and being that it’s a Vancouver artist and a free album, I highly recommend downloading it and showing support for the amazing hip hop Canada has to offer.

Also check out Fatty Down’s myspace for links to buy his other releases ‘Café’, ‘Couches & Floors’ and ‘FamousNobody’.

Download ‘Soup’ at Grounded TV.

Fatty Down – Sippin A Beer
Fatty Down – Soda Pop feat. Suga D
Fatty Down – Rewind feat. Dani & Lizzy


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