The Da Vincis Cover MIA’s Paper Planes Brilliantly!

The Da Vincis are a band from Jackson, Mississippi with each member still in high school and not older then 17-years of age. However, they have some serious talent making music is that is part jazz, lounge, all without a guitar.

Expect a review of their debut album See, You Tonight (out October 27th later this year) but I’m here to talk about their fantastic cover of MIA’s Paper Planes.

It’s not quite what you’d expect from the content but the band covers the song to their own unique style (a lounge cover of Paper Planes!). They really adapt the entire song and alter it to something better. The chorus is gold with the use of footstomps and various instruments to replace the sound effects used in the original. It’s a whole different song, catchy in its original while the band shows they are self aware and hilarious (making sure they aren’t taking it too seriously) but musically they don’t really try too hard to cater to the original. It’s quite impressively vocally too where the verses are sung with Andrew Burke’s deep and mature* voice while the chorus is more loose just showing they aren’t trying too hard.

I’ve become a huge fan of this song. Highly entertaining but a high level of musical ability is evident.

Rating: 5 out of 5
Paper Planes (MIA cover) by The Da Vincis
*Sorry for the sound quality. Requests for an mp3 went unanswered and I just had to post about this song right now.


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