Beastie Boys – Doublecheck Your Head Review

Everytime I listen to the album “Check Your Head” a feeling comes over me and whisks me back to the summer before my first year in High School. Beastie Boys had always been a constant in my playlist, but “Check Your Head” was something special and it hit me on a level not many other albums could. As soon as I heard those first chords I knew this was it – a sound that would grow with me and help to define a musical path. It was like nothing I could have imagined…. Hip hop with crunch and a raw feel brought on with elements of punk. The mixture of those three unique voices had such blended qualities and worked amazingly well together.

Last night I got the email that would help re-define these feelings. Max Tannone, the man behind the Radiohead/Jay-Z mashup albums “Jaydiohead” and “Jaydiohead: The Encore” dropped his newest project “Doublecheck Your Head”, a free seven track album that mashes the songs of “Check Your Head”, coinsiding with it’s remastered re-release.

I was instantly blown away. In rushed feelings of reminiscence, but also feelings of discovery – like the exploration of something new with a weird feeling of deja-vu. As the first chords of ‘3’s What’cha Want’ hit I felt warmth in my heart. This is exactly what I needed, but didn’t even know it. Tannone is truly gifted in his ability to take songs and mold them, knowing which elements will best suit each other in order to perfectly pair together.

The last track on this album is not a mashup, but a remix of ‘Too Many Rappers’ – a song featuring Nas that will be on their forthcoming album “Hot Sauce Committee Part 1”.

If you are a fan of the Beastie Boys then this is a must have. Hell, even the Beastie Boys think so, they have already featured four of the songs on You can stream online or download the album for free in it’s entirety at

In the meantime, here’s a taste:
Beastie Boys – 3’s What’cha Want
Beastie Boys – Pass The Gratitude


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