My Top 10 Indie Sex Songs

Alex Palmer, awhile back did his Top 10 Sex Songs list. Not to offend another writer but the songs just never resonated with my choice of what a good sex song makes. Nonetheless, I’m an off-beat so I’d prefer to have sex with an indie soundtrack rather then trying to get my freak on with Sexy Back or some other song.

I’m more of a fan of background music with rhythm. I don’t like songs taking over the mood but rather one that doesn’t disrupt it yet fits perfectly like peaceful noise. A LOT of indie songs satisfy this, they don’t demand full attention to the song but there’s something subtly added when it plays in the background.

Anyway here are my choices for Top Indie Sex Songs (it’s a bit modern heavy but you can suggest some in the comments):

One With The Freaks by The Notwist
Soft, delicate and fragile, this my favorite song by The Notwist. In a way it’s a perfect song for me because it hits a chord with the vulnerability of sex so simply. “Have you ever?
Have you ever been all messed up?” does it without forcing you to think about it.

Bros by Panda Bear
This song could turn you off with “Hey man what’s your problem, don’t you know that i don’t belong to you” but that’s just the start to an epic 12 minute track. It’s pace is perfect and Panda Bear’s vocal hit home softly. It’s also a song that you could have on repeat by itself and you wouldn’t get bored of it which gets bonus points for being extra long. In the end with all it’s questioning in the track like “When are you going to give it your own go?” it ends with the perfect ending “I do love you and I want to hold on to you for always”.

Agoraphobia by Deerhunter
While it’s probably not cool being Agoraphobia, a deeper a look into the lyrics “Cover me, comfort me” can resonate pretty well with being with a partner in a hidden place. Bradford Cox just comforts you and maybe it’s romantic when he sings “I lose my voice, I know but I’ve nothing left to say”. myspace

Camp Out by An Horse
Enough will have been said if I spit out the line “You just want to camp out and I just want to screw around in the dark” but it has a consistent guitar pop line throughout while a good song that hits a climax without rushing it. myspace

Once And Never Again by The Long Blondes
This song could work as an age of consent reminder. 19! You’re only 19! If anything you may not be 19 but making sure the person you’re with might be helpful :P. This song is about showing a younger person the ropes and sometimes sex is exactly that. It also helps that this song has a lot of energy and is consistently strong throughout.

Machine Gun by Portishead
The inclusion of this track is due to the fact that it has a POWERFUL intro, yet it remains consistent throughout the song. It’s a badass track but for a sex list? Some would find that questionable but you know what it’s good for? Rough sex. Yep. myspace

Felt Tip by Love Is All
Sometimes you need a perfect starter before diving into it. I really feel like Felt Tip does this with just enough progression to get you into the thick of things. Lyrically: “Going faster than, quick feet in the street, step right on the beat” describes rhythm to a tee. It’s one of my favorite songs in general, indie pop is usually good on any sex playlist to be honest. myspace

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekeend
Is your bed made? Is your sweater off? Do you want to fuck? Like You Know I do? While I’m not sure those lines would work, this song serves perfectly as a pre-sex song with it’s slow rhythm. It’s for just starting but it’s a good sex-anthem nonetheless that gets you in the mood. myspace

Succexy by Metric
Is it any wonder why Emily Haines is so damn sexy? She’s able to give off that sexy vibe in any track really. It’s hard to wonder, where’s the sexy with all the sex on this list. So here you go, and there’s no better band then Metric to give you that feeling. New Wave is probably my limit to getting your feet moving. Because if you’re moving your feet, you’re not getting your hips involved enough.

Dance Dance Dance by Lykke Li
Speaking of sexy, this song is sexy in a fragile matter. Being so cute yet in one’s personal space – sex can get people feeling insecure. In a way you feel Lykke Li‘s insecurity and it really resonates well in the act. The pacing on the song is also perfect for sex, in fact I think the song just implies a different type of ritual altogether. I guess Sex, Sex, Sex wouldn’t be as good of a song though.


  • natwenga

    Thanks for this list

  • Carmen

    I suggest: “I want you” by Summer Camp, “Islands” by The XX, “Underwater love” by Smoke City and “Parallel lines” by Junior Boys… to name a few…

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