Do Not Use – Ripped Off By Them

This isn’t a music post but this is a warning to anyone who searches or is contacted by an representative.

I was using Adbeans since I was contacted by them on February 20th of this year and placed a banner for awhile now on this website.

Basically they provide ads while you collect money. You can withdraw the money you earn once you hit a certain amount (I think it was 50 pounds? can’t tell now). Much like Google’s Adsense – once you hit $100 you get paid.

Not so much the case with, they decided arbitrarily that my website was “old” even though I added it this year and deleted my user account (I asked since the database deleted my username, as well as my email). They apparently deleted many user accounts as they told me in their e-mail.

There’s a HUGE problem with deleting user accounts without notification. I basically had “earned” some money with and they swiftly stole that amount by deleting my account. They said they did this with others but then how much have they effectively stolen from websites using their service?

$50 pounds or less may seem like a little but if you did this to 1000 people that’s 50,000 pounds. Why I am going to sit here and not say anything? They are basically robbing people by promising to pay for advertisements and pulling the rug.

In an email, they claimed to send some people notifications but that defeats the purpose – how would I know? Also did you pay people after you deactivated their accounts?

Anyone else who used AdBeans, like me is owed some money.

Either way if an AdBeans representative contacts you, tell them you don’t trust them. You might not get any money that they promise, you’ve been warned ;).

Update: They reactivated my account and agreed to pay my £33.23 (which equates to 60 Canadian). Still their reason for deactivating of my account stems from “Your site has a large amount of outbound links from its home page, making it of no value to us.”

My site hasn’t changed much since February so maybe they shouldn’t contact me and ask me to join their network. But alas I figure keeping this post up – is damage enough (whether they paid me or not). Trying to close accounts without paying funds to users is very unprofessional to say the least. I shouldn’t have to complain and ask for it.

They can apologize all they want for not notifying me but that’s just a lame excuse in my opinion.

  • I agree with you! I’ve lost money of my final month working with them. They placed ad on my blog then did not pay for the last one.

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