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Real Estate – Self Titled Album Review

Real Estate a band out of New Jersey and signed to rising label Woodsist released their fantastic debut on November 17th of this year. As it is, I’m late with every album review (and my top of the year lists – just be patient), and this is one last review I wanted to get in for the year.

I really enjoyed their music while I listened on their myspace which was more dream pop with hints and psychedelic. The music doesn’t demand much real estate of your brain yet at the same time I feel like it brings me to a great comatose state. With it’s slow soothing pace, Real Estate keep to their specific style and they do it to near perfection. While I believe what they do isn’t nearly as creative or innovative, I just downright enjoy listening to the album. It’s become an album where I’d simply rather prefer to keep listening then finally write my album review.

Martin Courtney’s vocals complement the music very well, as it is very soft and not at all overpowering. It may be simply just solid or good but I can’t really tell as it seems more of a product of Real Estate’s chosen style. The guitar work is what really takes the cake, while not trying to take over at the same time it’s the centre of attention. Rhythmically there seems to be a fine touch that many bands don’t have.

Criticisms of the band and album are pretty clear cut. Real Estate sticks to their style which involves seemingly very little effort to make great music. In a way the music refuses to be great and satisfied and while I’d fault most bands for doing this, for whatever reason I think they made the right choice. Not original, nor outworldly skilled, Real Estate has just made a very good album.

Rating: 4.5
Black Lake by Real Estate
Beach Comber by Real Estate

Happy New Year

New Years Eve is one my favourite nights of the year, everyone goes out and forgets about school, work, or whatever else may be on your mind and has a good time.

Hope that you all have a great time tonight whatever you may be doing.

Justice – One Minute of Midnight

Ke$ha I hate you.

Ok Ke$ha you are getting pretty popular with this borrowed brand of trash you are marketing. I get you probably aren’t like this and that you are just doing whatever you can to make it big but I really don’t like you. Last week I was at a family dinner and my 9 year old cousin was singing your song, she was saying that she only deals with boys who look like McJagger and that she brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels, my cousin is going to be a dirty slut and I blame you Ke$ha!

My first question to you is what do you mean by waking up in the morning feeling like P Diddy? Waking up in the morning feeling like a rich black man who dated J Lo and once shot up a club? Is that what you mean? Please clarify because if that is the case I wouldn’t mind waking up feeling like that, hell, I’d be happy to wake up after those crazy parties you talk about without a head ache. I also read somewhere that the $ in your name is supposed to be ironic since you were broke as fuck even though you were on a number 1 track, (Right Round by Flo Rida) well that’s fucking stupid. Also read somewhere that you broke into Prince’s house to give him your demo, again, that’s fucking stupid.

Also you sound a lot like Uffie, I have no problem with people borrowing a sound and taking it to the mainstream, but Uffie is only really famous because shes really hot. She is pretty much a terrible muscian with no real talent, you guys have a lot in common yes, but couldn’t you have chosen some other trainwreck to emulate?

Oh god, words can not describe how much I hate you. This whole “it girl” party scene thing you got going on was annoying enough as it was, the last thing we need is more self loathing bulimics drowning their sorrows in drugs and alcohol with a smile on their face and a cock in their ass. Well, I hope you die out soon kinda how Uffie did. As nice as that would be I have a feeling you are going to be around for a while, if this is the case, can you at least provide us with a sex tape soon?

I’ll admit the song is catchy but its annoying none the less.

Fuck Him (He’s a DJ

Avatar – Movie Review

The movie of the holiday season thus far has been James Cameron’s Avatar. The 3-D film was made under an astronomical budget (I’ve read estimates of $500 million for production and marketing). While I’d hate to discuss the plot it revolves around main antagonist Jake Sully to inhabit human like forms of a species called the Na’vi in order to persuay these humanoid like creatures to leave their beloved land in favour of the human race mining the precious material.

Story wise there isn’t much that’s the whole story and you can predict how it turns out if you’ve watched more then a handful of movies (guy bonds with Na’vi, doesn’t want their land to be moved out and conflict starts etc.). From this standpoint as well as including a seemingly pointless back-story at the beginning and video blogs as weak plot devices you could say it was pretty underwhelming.

The reason Avatar has captured many audiences and critics alike, it’s one 3D extravaganza. It may be too long and not at all original but they sure flexed their financial muscle on this one. At times it felt like a boner showoff as some scenes had no explicit point other then to say – “look at what we can do”. Still that’s beside the point, it’s still excellent from this aspect and it’s hard to argue that. I actually expect quite a few awards to come out of this movie due to the fantastic imagery and extensive 3-D work.

All said and done, this is NOT the movie of the year. It’s a good movie, okay story line, great action and even better graphics. It still wasn’t very memorable movie wise. It doesn’t come close to the Gladiators or the Slumdog Millionaires.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Flame away.

Scenic World by Beirut
Another World by Antony and The Johnsons

Grouper – “Hold the Way” video

Portlander Liz Harris has really been doing well for herself the past four or so years. In 2005, her self-titled and self-released debut album came out followed by the sophomore Way Their Crept after signing with Type. She then released a stunning collaboration with Xiu Xiu, Creepshow in 2006, and an EP in 2007. Last year, Grouper’s third full-length “Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill” gave Pitchfork an instant orgasm and this year, the video for “Hold the Way”, a song from her new EP Vessel made their top music videos of 2009 list.

For a hauntingly good time, watch below.

Check out more videos directed by Weston Currie here.

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