Little Girls – Concepts Review

Toronto I was starting to worry about you. It’s been awhile since I heard something new and refreshing coming out of your boundaries. Thankfully Little Girls’ new record ‘Concepts’ put a quick end to that audible drought and set me on a path towards a recognizable throwback to the vintage rock of the 70s and 80s. The music feels experimental and almost humble at the same time. While in entry it gives the impression that it’s building to a climactic finale, it tapers off midway leaving an unsatisfied feeling. It’s unfortunate because the satisfying aspects of Concepts are relaxing and mellow. Given that the endeavor relies heavily on ambience and melody, these qualities are not enough to carry the album throughout.

As mentioned, Concepts feels incredibly experimental. Born out of the mind of Josh McIntyre, the album contains these psychedelic Sonic Youth type jam session moments with older styles of rock. Some songs like “Youth Tunes”, “Tambourine”, and “Last Call” hit all the right marks with a gazer essence and improvisational touch. The tone sounds muddy and singular but it’s a great trait within the style of lo-fi recording.

These fascinating moments begin to waiver as the album’s greatest detriment consistently returns every so often to derail any momentum it gains. The cause of the concern lies solely with the vocals. Tracks like “Imaginary Friends”, and “Growing” sound so out of phase with vocals that they sully the experience. I would even go as far as saying that the music sounds better without them. It may be one fault but it’s quite impactful most noticeably during the middle sections of the record.

Concepts was an album that for whatever reason, I wanted to love unconditionally. The first few listens I had left a great first impression. Over time though it wore away leaving me partially disappointed. The music is definitely memorable but the intention of merging a post-punk feel with an indie direction fell short in Little Girls’ debut.


Little Girls – Tambourine

Little Girls – Imaginary Friends

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