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Caecelia- 20 Gauge Facelift

This band out of Arizona have been favourites of mine for about 6 years now, I really can’t believe they haven’t got more buzz around them because they are pretty amazing. Any band that incorporates string instruments and simple drum kits is on to something, the relaxing tone of the guys voice, everything about this song just works.

Check out their myspace, and if you guys are in arizona it looks like they have a show coming up.

20 Gauge Facelift= Caecelia

Paul & the Patients cover of The Archies “Sugar Sugar”

I have been a big fan of The Archies and their classic 1969 hit “Sugar Sugar” ever since I heard it in the 1995 American film, Now and Then. I think my favourite part of the film was when Devon Sawa asked Christina Ricci if he could kiss her. After this epic kiss, Christina Ricci threatens to beat Devon Sawa up if he told anyone. Anyhow, Paul & the Patients are a group for four guy from Brooklyn, NY. While they were preping and creating their To The Lions EP, which was released May 2009, they noticed an excess of songs that weren’t suited to be on their five song debut EP. Thus, rather than have their songs go to waste, it was decided that they would release the recorded tracks week-by-week on the band’s website. The tracks are all free for download.

For the track “Sugar Sugar” Paul Holmes explains:

This is a cover of the old tune made famous by The Archies. I had to do it for a possible commercial job that didn’t go through so thought I might as well use it for something. As ridiculous as it is I do enjoy putting it on in the morning. It kinda puts me in a good mood… well not good, but not bad.

I love the original “Sugar Sugar” track. I also love Paul & the Patients‘ rendition of it. Paul & the Patients keep the happy, upbeat tone of the song while putting their own electro spin on the song.

For more info on Paul & the Patients, check out their MySpace and their band website.

Paul and the Patients – Sugar Sugar
The Archies – Sugar Sugar

Das Racist- Shut Up, Dude Mixtape Review

A guilty pleasure at it’s finest. Das Racist is a duo originated from Brooklyn, New York. Their music is a fusion of eclectic and unique East Indian beats and hip-hop, something not quite seen within the genre (the closest thing would probably be many rappers acquainting their rhymes with their Muslim faith.) The duo is nothing spectacular. They rap about incessant topics such as smoking joints and hitting up the local Pizza Hut or Taco Bell, and constantly bring up jokes about their culture. It would be so easy for me to count them out as another hipster-hop group, but I won’t.

That being said, their flow is actually quite good, and if paired with the right beat, their music is not as trashy as a lot of people out there have put it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they are going to have an enormous and devoted following, but I can raise my hand as one of their fans. It’s refreshing to see a group have some fun and not be to static with their music. They have an aesthetic which is unmatched and are very distinctive within hip-hop right now. Plus, with an affiliation with Sleigh Bells, Leif and the ultra popular and beloved M.I.A, they are sure to breakout sometime in the near future despite people’s like or dislike.

Das Racist- Ek Shaneesh
Das Racist- Hugo Chavez
Das Racist- Shut Up, Dude

Alex’s Song of the Day: Peaches- Billionaire Review

What is there not to say about the electroclash veteran and icon known as Peaches. Active since 1990, Peaches is one of the rare artists who has continually stuck with her innate and original vision, which subsequently pushed her to the notorious status she is in now. Her latest song, Billionaire (featuring Shunda K), really exudes the raunchy persona of Peaches, something that isn’t too foreign if your an avid listener of her music. What else can I say but: keep doing your thing.

Peaches- Billionaire (Featuring Shunda K)

Chrispy- Inspector Gadget DubStep

FUCK this kid is good. Chrispy is the name, dubsteps the game. This 18 year old is hitting the dubstep world in a big way, signed to 2 much bass I am expecting some big things for sure in the near future. Seriously, he took the inspector gadget theme and made it this big, I for one can not wait to hear some more from him. Hopefully he will find his way to Toronto cuz lord knows we are lacking in the dubstep department.

Inspector Gadget Dubstep Remix- Chrispy

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