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JJ- CEO Birthday

I had the chance to see JJ open up for the XX and as I said before I was really disappointed. Still don’t really see how they are a duo, the guy seriously rocked the air guitar while the girl sang. Her voice is amazing which is displayed in this retelling of the always soft and beautiful birthday sex. Hip Hop is clearly a huge influence on this swedish duo and is probably why I find them so amazing (on itunes anyway). Hopefully JJ isn’t going to take the crystal castles route and just make good music but never manage to pull together a good live performance.

JJ-CEO Birthday

Paper Aeroplanes – “The Day We Ran Into The Sea” album review

During the craziness of exams, I discovered Paper Aeroplanes and their debut album, The Day We Ran Into The Sea. The album was released early March of 2010. The duo, consisting of Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn, hail from West Wales. I really enjoyed this album. It’s a great acoustic/alternative pop album that can be played pretty much anytime you need a nice pick-me-up. The vocals of Sarah Howells are gorgeous and hypnotizing.

The album opens with the heartbreaking yet uplifting track, “Cliché.” This track is one of my favourites from the album. I’m quite confident that a lot of people are able to relate to the lyrics of “Cliché,” whether it be liking someone who doesn’t return the same feelings or trying to get over an ex or dealing with the realities of break-up…the song is highly relatable. Their latest music video for “Lifelight,” was released on their personal Youtube channel early March of this year. “Lifelight” is also another favourite of mine from the album…mainly because of the lyrics.

Tongue-tied? Paper Aeroplanes has the ability to take those feelings that most people have difficulty expressing and puts them into articulate words. The words are then merged with beautiful tunes…resulting in a lovely album that can be enjoyed by all acoustic/alternative pop lovers everywhere.

To find out more about Paper Aeroplanes, check out their MySpace.

Paper Aeroplanes – Cliché
Paper Aeroplanes – Dancing Every Night
Paper Aeroplanes – Take It Easy

Alex’s Song of the Day: Sleigh Bells- Tell Em’

Straight from their new album due May 11th, Sleigh Bells has released Tell Em’, an extremely potent and tantalizing song with an array of different effects used to create one of the most original tracks I’ve heard all year.

With a powerful fan base already present, Sleigh Bells (signed to N.E.E.T Records, M.I.A’s label,) is set to explode within the coming months. And if they keep generating music like this, there will be no reason to why they shouldn’t.

Sleigh Bells- Tell Em’

Unicorn Kid- Dream Catcher

The internet has been buzzing about the newUnicorn Kid out of the UK, and after hearing more of this stuff I can see why. Not only does he implement that wowowowow bass line he also has a lot of unexpected sounds that make a fun danceable but also ipod worthy tracks. I expect to hear big things from this guy in the near future, heres to hoping for a North American tour.

Unicorn Kid- Dream Catcher

Sugar Army- No Need for Lovers Review

Australian band Sugar Army are an indubitable example of what music should sound like.

Their chant-like track No Need for Lovers is unarguably unique, which delves into rock, alternative, folk and a many more genres. Upon first listen I was unsure of the song, but my mood was immediately offset by the slow strum of the guitar and the raspy, whispery tone of the lead vocalist. Their passion is evoked through each harmony and is simply put very impressive.

A watchful eye will be kept on the Perth originated group whose original and individual sound will haunt you in the best of ways.

Be sure to check out their album The Parallels Amongst Ourselves.

Sugar Army- No Need for Lovers

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