Crystal Castles- Doe Deer

Ok, Im kinda undecided on this one. I really like crystal castles first album but have been really disappointed each time I saw them. Yah the novelty of alice glass’ whole I don’t give a fuck attitude and seeing her convulse on the floor in a drug induced state made their live performances interesting but tired really quickly. I didn’t pay to see them the first time so thought that was the reason for their less than spectacular performance but really was pissed off after waiting over an hour in circa to see a 20 min performance of alice glass screaming while that other guy played the songs of his mac book. Didn’t really get the whole hype around their live performances but I do enjoy their music.

Also hope they come out with some new pictures, getting kinda tired of people posing like this.

This new song is kinda annoying to be honest, yah its high energy like their other stuff but its way to repetitive and aggressive I know its not much to judge the new crystal castles album on but if its anything like this I can say I wont give it a second listen. I get that their sound is supposed to be raw and stuff I just happened to enjoy their more relaxed and refined tracks. Its too early to say but I am hoping that this Toronto favourite will produce another innovative album.

Crystal Castles- Doe Deer
Crystal Castles- Untrust Us
Crystal Castles- Crimewave (Sinden Remix)

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