The Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme Album Review

It’s been a while since these guys have come out with anything new but the wait has made it that much sweeter. If you’ve seen a movie by a young film maker who takes them selves way too seriously anytime over the past 6 years then you have unknowingly listened to quite a bit of The Radio Dept. Their music makes for the perfect background to those serious montages of the characters lives, you know those moments when they are like looking at the city at night or something cliche. Sophia Coppola’s shittty as fuck Marie Antoinette was like a long music video for the Radio Dept with shots of the let the eat cake queen’s wardrobe. Really the only good thing about that movie was the soundtrack.

True to form the vocals give off this great echo while the instrumentals are perfectly orchestrated to create the perfect soundtrack to a lazy day. This album differs from their older work in that it has more upbeat happy songs, I don’t know why but I always found their older stuff to sound somewhat depressing. My only complaint was the opening to the second song heaven’s on fire little rant on the destruction of the current capitalist system, nothing makes me more mad than uneducated ranting on economics but the rest of the song was pretty awesome.

The album is amazing, it just came out, y’all should check it out. There really isn’t much more that I can say.

The Radio Dept.-You Stopped Making Sense

The Radio Dept- A Token of Gratitude

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