The Tallest Man on Earth- The Wild Hunt Album Review

The Tallest Man on Earth otherwise known as Kristian Matsson of Sweden is exactly what the music industry needs rights now. He reminds me a lot of Joanna Newsom just a bit toned down and with more mass appeal. I heard the band name floating around back in 08 with his first album but never took the time to check it out, kinda annoyed with my self for not doing that now cuz this new album is beyond amazing.

With folk music making a strong come back in my itunes recently played list The Tallest Man on Earth is leading the pack. Just in time for summer this enchanting album is going to be on repeat for a while. What I like most about it I think is that its so different from what I usually listen to. By no means is he reinventing the wheel here or anything but it takes a lot for me to enjoy an entire album. The XX and Phoenix last year made albums that I was able to listen to from beginning to end over and over, and this year it seems the Tallest Man on Earth has done the same. With great new music hitting the internet everyday to have such a standout album is quite an accomplishment.

Its almost impossible to pick a favourite song of this album. I actually can’t do it, the entire album is flawless from beginning to end.

The Tallest Man Alive-Troubles Will Be Gone

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