Dead Child Star – Jimmy Stewart and the Falling Night

Since this is a Toronto-based blog, I thought it’d do some good to blog about a Toronto-based band. I was listening to Radio 3 on CBC and heard something today by Dead Child Star. For those of you who don’t know, Dead Child Star is one of Torquil Campbell’s (of Stars alongside Amy Milan and Memphis with Chris Dumont) lesser known side projects. Dead Child Star has released one album entitled Cold Hands, Warm Heart in 2010, and according to his Facebook page, “Jimmy Stewart” is the beginning of a new album to be called Poor Old England.

Today’s post came a little late because I was busy all day packing up my room to move out tomorrow. Moving from the west end to the east end should bring some interesting changes, especially since this is the first place I will have to myself. I’m spending the Saturday night in reminiscing and being generally pensive about the past and times spent in these four walls and beyond. I even found In Our Bedroom After The War lying behind some dusty books, an album that I picked up at the Stars free concert at U of T my frosh year in 2007. That was when it was still easy to not give a fuck because the future was friendly. I was 17 and I had the invincibility of youth inside me, so naive songs like ‘Take Me To The Riot’ still made me swoon (What now, kid? Which way, love?)

So 4 years has passed and now I’m being hurtled out into the world. It’s a little scary. I am at a loss of words. Which makes this recent Dead Child Star release appropriate, since it is instrumental. Less poppy/more electronic than DCS’s earlier work, more ambient, more experimental, and optimistic. Even magical. I really enjoy the repetition of that piano melody coupled with the extended chord. This song makes me feel like I’m walking down an airy glass walkway where everything is very clean and neat and manageable.

Dead Child Star – Jimmy Stewart and the Falling Night

And for old times sake: Stars – Take Me To The Riot

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