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Syd Tha Kid- Flashlight (Featuring Lux)

Figures the most anonymous of the Odd Future clique is also the most beckoning. Syd Tha Kid remains as the only female in the OFWGKTA collective, a refreshing offering from the usual hardened lyrics from her male counterparts.

I’ve had the single on repeat for a few weeks now and I’d recommend listening. Syd delicately croons on Flashlight, a shock to me seeing as from first glance I thought she was a guy. Her lyrics, too, are appealingly delicate and simple, chiseled perfectly to the knock-knock beat.

Syd Tha Kid- Flashlight featuring Lux

Stalley- Chevy’s and Spaceships

“Disorderly, Radical, Warring, Revolutionary” – all self proclamations said to characterize Ohio born rapper Stalley‘s freshest release, Chevy’s and Spaceships.

His poignancy is admirable. With his recent Maybach Music agreement, Stalley’s work will most certainly veer into those characteristics directions with ‘Teflon Don’ Rick Ross as chief of faction. Chevy’s and Spaceships is intellectually gritty with Stalley temperately gliding on every inch of the beat.

Stalley- Chevy’s and Spaceships

Song of the Day: The Morning Benders – 1940 (The Submarines Cover)

I’ve been listening to The Morning Benders a lot lately. I think it’s because their songs are such great summer tunes. A couple of weekends ago I spent the afternoon sitting on a blanket in the park enjoying the sun and listening to The Morning Benders. If you’ve been following their twitter, they have been dropping hints about their upcoming record. Anyhow, enjoy this cover they did of The Submarines.

The Morning Benders – 1940 (The Submarines Cover)

Jesse Ruins- Inner Ambient

Jesse Ruins is my favourite new artist, I can’t say enough good things about this artist, check out my other post here.

Jesse Ruins- Inner Ambient

James Blake- Give A Man A Rod

I had the pleasure of seeing James Blake in concert, it was hands down the best concert I have seen this year. I was unsure how well he would be able to translate his ambient, dark, emotional dub to a live performance. If you have the chance to see him do your self a favour and make sure you don’t miss it!

James Blake- Give A Man A Rod

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