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Fiona’s Concert Picks of the Week

The last month of summer is upon us. Here’s to another week of great music in Toronto. Here are my picks for this week. This week is a busy concert-going week for me. I will at The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Sloan and The Twelves. I am SO excited for this week to begin. Happy concerting!

August 1Parlovr / Handsome Furs @ Horseshoe Tavern
$15.00 advance; $18.00 at Door
Parlovr – Chucka Chucka
Handsome Furs – Handsome Furs Hate This City

August 2The Paint Movement / Craft Spells / The Pains of Being Pure At Heart @ Opera House
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – My Terrible Friend

August 3White Lies @ Phoenix
White Lies – Bigger Than Us

August 4Beirut @ Phoenix
Beirut – East Harlem

August 5Whale Tooth / Modern Superstitions / Sloan @ Echo Beach
Sloan – Underwhelmed

August 6The Twelves @ The Hoxton
The Twelves – Works For Me
Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

RJ Thompson – When I Get Old

Fans of RJ Thompson will be glad to hear that he released a new single on July 17 called, When I Get Old. For those unfamiliar with his work this is a great opportunity to acquaint yourselves with this interesting artist from Newcastle-on-Tyne in the U.K. Thompson has previously released three albums, Hidden Daylight (2003), Illogical Life (2005), and Acoustic Sessions EP (2007). Like the songs from these albums, When I Get Old, is a thoughtful look at the everyday and the personal.

The video that goes with the song is shot from his point of view as he goes through his workday. Shots of him sitting at a computer are juxtaposed with the lyrics, “When I get older I will look at these days as the days I truly loved/when I get old I will fend off my worries and fears of losing touch”. These scenes are contrasted by instances of the unusual, much like a David Lynch movie. On his way to his job Thompson goes down an alley and passes a boy bouncing a soccer ball against a wall but when he passes and turns back to look, the boy is gone. Another scene has him walking across a soccer field where a miniature horse is tethered at midfield. He passes the horse but is instantly back at his desk. Are these bizarre instances the things he will remember when he’s older or is it the mundane routine that will never be forgotten? The video and the song seem to be at odds with each other but together they paint a picture of contrasts that is quite affecting. It is a poignant reminder not to take the unusual for granted and that even a rut can have it’s magical moments.

You can listen to When I Get Old as well as his other music on Soundcloud. You can buy RJ Thompsons music on iTunes, Amazon and from his website. You can find Thompson on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. You can also get free music if you relinquish your email address and join his mailing list.

Video of the Day – Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake – History of Rap Part 2

If you are already familiar with the video for Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s duet History of Rap, you are in for a treat. Last night they blew everyone’s minds by debuting the History of Rap Part 2. Part 1 took us from Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang through to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind touching on other songs such as Peter Piper (Run-DMC), Paul Revere (Beastie Boys), California Love (Tupac Shakur), The Seed (The Roots, who are now the house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), My Name Is (Eminem) and Missy Elliott’s Work It.

This time Fallon and Timberlake sail through the likes of Kurtis Blow (The Breaks), Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 (The Message), Public Enemy (Bring The Noise), Salt N’Pepa (Push It), Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby), Cypress Hill (Insane In The Brain), Nelly (Hot In Herre), Outkast (HeyYa), Cali Swag District (Teach Me How To Dougie), Biz Markie (Just A Friend) and ending with Kurtis Blow again. They also throw in some, shall I say, interesting dance moves. All in all it’s great fun and really, really well done. Fallon has proven he has a gift for impersonating artists such as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen but he is also proving himself to be a gifted artist in his own right. And say what you like about Timberlake and his music, you cannot deny the guy has a great sense of humour, the absurd, and timing.

Here’s the videos to the History of Rap Parts 1 & 2, just in case you missed them. Many thanks to QuadeerShakur and for uploading them.

Video Of The Day: Brighter Brightest – Everyday

Why is this video my pick for video of the day? It’s because I’m in it as an extra! Check me out at 2:42. The track, “Everyday,” is hella catchy. The video was shot by Michael Maxxis — who also shot City and Colour’s “Fragile Bird.” Brighter Brightest is set to release their new record, Right For Me, on August 9th.

Brighter Brightest – Everyday

For More…

Fiona’s Concert Picks of the Week

Here’s to a new week of music in Toronto. Here is a list of events that I suggest checking out this week if you get the chance. I’ll most likely make an appearance at the Memphis show at Lee’s Palace with Paper Lions and Freedom Or Death. Happy concerting!

July 19 – Thomas Dybdahl @ The Drake Hotel
Thomas Dybdahl – Party Like It’s 1929

July 20 Wildlife/Young The Giant @ Mod Club
Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

July 20Paper Lions/Freedom or Death/Memphis @ Lee’s Palace
$10 at Door
Memphis – I Want The Lights On After Dark

July 22 Seas/Little Tybee/The Maladies of Adam Stokes/Little City @ El Mocambo
$5 at Door
Little City – Lincoln Learning French

July 22 We Are The in Crowd/Color Revolt/Thursday/Taking Back Sunday @ Kool Haus
Taking Back Sunday – Faith (When I Let You Down)

July 22-24Hillside Festival @ Guelph, ON
The Dears, Karkwa, Lights, Charlotte Cornfield, Dan Mangan, Hannah Georgas, Hollerado, Hooded Fang, Little Scream, Mother Mother, The Sheepdogs, Sweet Thing, Braids, Grimes, Kevin Drew & The Beauties, Paper Lions, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Shad, Sloan and many more…

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