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Rostam Batmanglij, better knows as that guy in Vampire Weekend, has stepped away from his side project (Discovery) and has finally recorded some solo stuff. The song takes a bit for me to get into, but I really appreciate that Rostam is looking to his roots for some inspiration on this one. The folksy persian vibe really meshes well with his soft vocals, I’m really feeling this song and hoping ever so much that Rostam releases a full length album within the next while.

Rostam- Wood

BRAIDS: Interview

BRAIDS (from L-R): Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Austin Tufts, Katie Lee and Taylor Smith


When I was offered the chance to interview Montreal based band BRAIDS, I knew I’d be foolish to forfeit the opportunity. BRAIDS are rare. They unequivocally rose to the top of the Canadian music scene with their debut album Native Speaker, though it’s the bands poise, newness and naivety which have won many over. Through a hectic North American tour and the preparation for the release of new music, Raphaelle Standell-Preston, lead vocalist, was kind enough to take some time and sit down with AW.

On initial family and friend support:
“We wouldn’t be where we were… [Laughs] are, without them. I actually just wrote an entry in my journal about how thankful I am about how supportive my family has been. All of the parents just took us in… I mean we practised in Taylor’s garage the first year of high school. They really supported our decisions.”

On self classification:
“We’ve always really just wanted to do our own thing. None of us really even realize the classifications or genres… We didn’t even really learn about the industry until probably about a year ago which was why all the while we were making Native Speaker it was very pure and comes from a very, very honest place. Even with our next record were going to make sure it comes from a very honest place.”

On the importance of a live show:
“It’s very, very important. Even before we had a record we were just playing live. That’s where a lot of the songs start, is in a live environment. A lot of people actually think our live show is stronger than our album. With the next album we are definitely going to have both be equally as strong. But our live performance is where we really connect- we have a lot of fun with it. Were very focused and on the ball.”

On re-working a Caribou song:
“We all love Odessa– so good. The production is amazing on that song.”

On performing Native Speaker:
“It’s a very ethereal feeling. I’ve had moments where I was singing Native Speaker and I got very emotional and had to wipe back tears. A lot of people have cried actually. It feels really good. [Laughs], I know it sounds bad, like I like seeing people cry, but it’s just good that they experienced those emotions. It’s important to feel things and I’m happy that our music can allow people to do that. ”

On the versatility of their sound:
“I think the fact that the genre… it wasn’t really in the back of our minds, is why our music crosses over and is so versatile. We weren’t like: okay we want to be super Indie-Rock or super jazzy or anything like that. We kind of just made the music we wanted to make which is probably another reason why. Everybody has different tastes but we all meet eye to eye at the same time.

On their Purity Ring collaboration:
“Well, they’re very good friends of ours and we go pretty far back with them. We started in Calgary and their bands’ from Edmonton and we toured with one of our friends past projects called Gobble Gobble. We wanted to release a single and they wanted to release a single so the two of us just joined forces… that’s pretty much the extent of it. We haven’t really done anything super creative together or any creative collaborations, but were really good friends so we like helping each other. They live in Montreal now too.”

BRAIDS will play the Horseshoe Tavern on October 14th and release a Split 7″ with Purity Ring on October 7th. Also be sure to visit the band’s MySpace, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Bjork- Moon

It’s Bjork, she could literally take a dump on my face and I would be back asking for more. I know I am not an objective reviewer when it comes to her, but come on, it’s BJORK!

The video is really nothing that amazing, but I have yet to use my mothers IPAD, yes my mom is cooler than I and has an IPAD, to really utilize the aps to their full potential. The track reminds me of some old school Bjork, is it just me or does Moon sound strikingly similar Cocoon?

Bjork- Moon

PJ Harvey – iTunes Sessions

In April of this year, PJ Harvey graced the East West Studios in Hollywood to do an exclusive interview and session for iTunes. What came out of that is a revealing look at a songwriter at the top of her game. Let England Shake, Harvey’s latest, is a critically acclaimed album which has recently won the Mercury Prize. This places Harvey in the unique position of being not only the first woman to win the prize when she won it in 2000 for Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea but also being the only artist to have won it twice. Nevermind the two other nominations that she has to her credit. She also has numerous Grammy and Brit Award nominations and a couple of her albums (Rid of Me and To Bring You My Love) have been included on Rolling Stones 500 Top Albums of all Time list. The woman can write a song.

The iTunes session, which you can buy from iTunes, has eight songs on it plus a twenty-three minute interview which is worth the price of the CD all on its own especially if you are interested in how a gifted songwriters mind works. There are also eight songs from three albums, Let England Shake, The Words That Maketh Murder, The Last Living Rose and Written on the Forehead from Let England Shake; Angelene from Is This Desire, and C’mon Billy and Down by the Water from To Bring You My Love. It’s nice to hear the older songs sounding so fresh and vibrant.

For more information on PJ Harvey and for tour dates you can visit her website, or her Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube pages. You can buy all of Harvey’s albums on iTunes and Amazon. Also on her website you can watch a series of short films that photographer Seamus Murphy produced for each of the songs from Let England Shake. The footage was shot around England and there are also shots from some of Harvey’s performances. Very cool indeed.

You can listen to Written of the Forehead and Words That Maketh Murder below.

Written On The Forehead by pjharvey

PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder by Vagrant Records

Jamie xx – FACT mix 282, Sept 11 2011

On Sept 11, while others were bemoaning the tragedy of the WTC terrorist attacks 10 years ago, Jamie xx released this fantastic mix. Obviously some people are more future and present-oriented than others. (By the way here’s a great video concerning the 9/11 anniversary. 😉

I have no idea what the tracks are, but according to FACT:

“…download Jamie’s FACT mix, a dusk-lit garage and house session featuring Elgato, Dark Sky and a bunch of stuff we’ve never heard before, though alternate versions of a couple of well-known Jamie xx remixes appear to be present. Naturally, there’s no tracklist supplied.”

Definitely some the xx thrown into there, but otherwise it’s just sort of trancey, a little two-step with lots of exotic female vocals. Kind of like a shroom trip. A lot like one actually. Around 14:00 in is my favourite part. Enjoy.

Jamie xx – FACT mix 282

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