Watch the Throne Detroit

I was not as excited as everyone else I went with before the show but I was pretty impressed by the show. Usually I find big stadium shows are less exciting as the act isn’t able to engage with the entire audience. That being said, Jay Z and Kanye are clearly pros and managed to put on an amazing show. I told my self before getting there that I needed to watch what I said during the show (NO NIGGA DROPPING) clearly the two white guys beside me did not live by the same rule, every time they said it I cringed a little, even more when Kanye and Jay Z put up images of the KKK @alexanderriley. ALL in ALL the show was dope and I do no regret at all.

By far the best track off the album, and they did it perfectly at the show.

This was my favourite part of the show, second to them playing Niggas In Paris 7 times for the encore.
Kanye- Runaway

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