Hypem Google Chrome extension — adds download button next to songs

Not a track post but just as good.

So having a few good friends as computer engineer graduates really pays off sometimes.

Anyone who frequents Hypem is going to love this (and if you don’t frequent Hypem, then I don’t know, man, you are really missing out on life):

My friend F, who keeps a great blog documenting his endeavours with programming has created a Google Chrome extension that inputs a download button next to every song on Hype Machine, so that when you hear a great new song, you can have it at a click of a button! Amazing.

Originally it was on the Chrome Web Store, but you can read about the exchange F had with one of the Hypem developers regarding that here. It is now hosted on GitHub.

To me, this really demonstrates the possibilities open source web technology creates for users, and poses some fascinating questions regarding intellectual property. I really wish I knew how to program now considering its many advantages in today’s world.

Oh, and if you’re not using Google Chrome as your default browser for whatever stupid reason, (Firefox, Safari… or dare I say IE?) you should probably get on that shit now.

The extension and instructions on installing it are here. Remember to share and reblog!


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