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Lower Dens- Brain

If the stress of school doesn’t kill me, the drives from Toronto to Windsor in the snow will. On the trip back today this song played on the radio and got stuck in my head. Lower Dens upcoming album is set to release May 1st just in time for the short summer break I get.

Lower Dens- Brains

WZRD- Teleport 2 Me, Jamie

I was skeptical upon hearing that Kid Cudi was going to release an alternative rock album even though all his music has always been in his own category. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie is the first from his band WZRD which also consists of producer Dot da Genius. It’ll take some digesting but I’m definitely interested in this direction he’s decided to take. WZRD will be out February 28.

WZRD- Teleport 2 Me, Jamie

Chairlift – I Belong in Your Arms

Brooklyn-base Electropop duo, Chairlift, recently released their sophomore LP, Something, on January 24. This is one of my favourite tracks from their new album. I hope you enjoy it too.

More Info…

Lana Del Rey- Radio

With all the bad press after her SNL stint I can’t help but assume Lana and her press people leaked the album to shut people up. Well it worked because this track is BANANAS.

Lana Del Rey- Radio

A$AP Rocky at The Opera House

Since the 2011 release of Peso, I’ve been watching and liking everything Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky has been doing. He’s the perfect mix of new and old school to me due in part to his east coast/southern coast style. Being that this was my first show of 2012, I was antsy and even decided to show up a bit early, just in case he maybe decided to start on time (lol.) It wasn’t until about 9:30 that two guys (twins or not, who knows) hit the stage with a few muddled songs. I wanted to like them but they just looked so… young, and the security guards unimpressed face was distracting me. It said, “where in the hell are your parents?” or “If I see my kid in the crowd…” The duo also appeared to be exhausted after performing only a couple songs and there were definite timing issues on when to rap. Another guy dressed in all black joined the duo (whose names went right over my head) for their last song, but his mic was so low I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying.

At about 10:30 an entourage began to load at the side of the stage including a man who looked stunningly similar to Rick Ross; sunglasses, beard, bald head and all. Minutes later A$AP ran on stage with Twelvy and opened with Pretty Flacko. I hadn’t the slightest that A$AP’s fans were so down and devoted. I stationed myself not to far from the stage thinking everyone would be bopping to the music, not moshing. I had to collect myself as a sea of people pushed themselves round and round, many grabbing me for any chance of salvation (to not be trampled to death.) It was interesting to see how much A$AP loved the love though. He had a smile from ear to ear with his gold fronts shining in the purple lights and he crowd surfed multiple times. As corny as it sounds, he looked drunk on adrenaline at points as the Rick Ross lookalike would pull him from his addict like fans.

There was word of a surprise, many speculating it was going to be Schoolboy Q, only minutes later to seeDrake running from backstage. The crowd didn’t really notice until he shouted, “Toronto!” which sparked a roar. I was forced to put everything in my pockets and my hands in the air in fear of anything being broken or dropped as I was surged to the front. Drake did a 2 song set of Cameras and The Motto, also repeatedly referring to himself as “ASAP Drake” as he jumped around the stage in his black Canada Goose. Shortly after A$AP said he’d be performing his last song (he was only on for about half an hour,) which was Peso. Through his set he also did Wassup, Purple Swag, Brand New Guy, Get Lit among many others. This whole concert was an experience for me that can’t be outdone. A$AP had said at the beginning of the show all he wanted to do was have fun and it was pretty apparent that that was the case. Despite a two hour wait and a short set, the goods were delivered and not one person can say they left there and didn’t thoroughly enjoy them self. Peep a video below taken by me of  A$AP doing Trilla.

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