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The Sea and Cake- Harps

The Sea and Cake are back with a fun summer song.

The Sea and Cake- Harp


Crystal Castles- Plague

The Crystal Castles I knew and loved are finally back to true form.


Castles- Plague

Tame Impala- Elephant

My favourite rockers from down under have been slowing letting us get a sneak peek at their new album, if the latest tracks are anything to judge by I may just have

to purchase a ticket to Oshega to see them again.

Tame Impala- Elephant

Sean Blackthorn – GIRLS II

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A few months ago I posted about upcoming Toronto singer Sean Blackthorn and his small debut at a record store downtown. He hadn’t much music then, but the amount he had produced was enough to show that this guy has serious talent. Blackthorn’s voice gushes with emotion in the smoothest ways, usually openly exposed with the dynamics of an organ piano only. With Toronto being a hot bed for artists right now it’s safe to say Blackthorn is in the right place at the right time; his presence sort of just fits. Below, listen to GIRLS II off his newly released mixtape [One] Night, and be sure to catch Blackthorn along with Brother, Brother at Of A Kind Record Store July 28 here in T.O.


We posted back in March about the Lana and A$AP collaboration well here it is in its entirety.

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Y-My%20Bitch%20(feat.%20Lana%20Del%20Rey).mp3″>A$AP ROCKY & LANA DEL REY- My Bitch

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