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AlunaGeorge- Your Drums

R & B, electro pop, sultry vocals, and heavy bass? Yup sounds good to me.

AlunaGeorge- Your


Video: Grimes – Genesis

It seems as if Vancou

ver’s Claire Boucher, better known by her stage name Grimes, has been everywhere since the release of her third album Visions, a fresh and quirky record that’s also innate and accessible. She has finally released visuals for her lead single Genesis which sees Boucher and her extravagant gang writhing through a desert, toting albino snakes and other overall weirdness (in a good way.) Peep the self directed video below.

Song of the Day – Smoke & Jackal – No Tell


ared Followill (Kings Of Leon) and Nick Brown (Mona) have a side project called, Smoke & Jackal. They will be releasing a six-track EP called, appropriately enough, EP1 (RCA) on October 16. The EP was recorded in one week which can be a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to quality but if the debut single, No Tell, is any indication everything should come out just fine.

There is a definite Kings of Leon vibe to this song, especially the bass line (Followill is the bassist for KoL) which isn’t surprising. I’m not familiar with Mona but some think this is closer to their sound than KoL. I will let you decide. The song is well written and is propelled forward by the tight bass line and sparse drumming. The lyrics are about a young girl sneaking away to a motel with a much older man. She says she’s never done it before and he says he’s never done it with a girl so young. Browns vocals give a poingant spin to the narrative and the guitars sparkle in and out adding a delicate overtone to the heavier bass line.

Tracks on EP1 are: Fall Around; No Tell; You’re Lost; Road Side; OK OK, and Save Face. You can hear No Tell at Soundcloud. You can find more about them here:
Smoke & Jackal

Wild Belle- Keep You

I initially really hated this song but after listening to it a few times (all not by choice) I have started

to really like it. Goes to show a first impression is not always right.

Wild Belle- Keep You

Moons- Bloody Mouth

I have been listening to this track on repeat, check it out.

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