Alexander’s 10 Best Destiny’s Child Songs

Destinys Child

Nearly a week after her now infamous Superbowl performance and people are still abuzz about Beyoncé and her becoming decision to re-introduce Destiny’s Child back to the world. I for one felt a heavy sense of nostalgia seeing as the trio’s music is something I grew up on and admired for their ability to garner the attention from every pocket of fan. As a group they were the first artists I felt I was growing with as they honed their capabilities and nothing is more enticing to a little boy then a sweet, melodic feminine voice. They were dominant and powerful while maintaining this certain innocence that was absolutely captivating, so I only found it fit to compile a list and pay respects to some of my favorite DC songs.

10. Soldier featuring T.I. and Lil Wayne from Destiny Fulfilled
Taken from the trio’s last album, Soldier was a perfect demonstration of the girls’ bad sides. The song was almost a plea for their perfect definition of a man, or a “Soldier” but still toyed with the femininity which they are so known for.
Soldier featuring T.I. and Lil Wayne

9. Bootylicious Remix featuring Missy Elliott from Survivor
From the minute you hear the original Bootylicious there is not one person who can deny that smooth Stevie Nicks sample. Later that year though Knowles, Missy and Rockwilder dropped the Bootylicious remix pitched with the perfect hip hop sound to accompany the already mega hit.
Bootylicious Remix featuring Missy Elliott

8. So Good from The Writing’s on the Wall
The Writing’s on the Wall was a statement album for the then quartet. It was the groups official transition from minuscule to major with a plethora of popular singles, but it was So Good that stuck out for me. It’s a motivational song letting your doubters know that their opinions are invalidated and unnecessary, and a catchy one at that.
So Good

7. Is She the Reason from Destiny Fulfilled
I’m not sure if it’s the insane 9th Wonder production (even Max B hopped on the beat), but Is She the Reason was certified classic upon first listen. Flawless delivery and strong emotional ties probably helped with that sentiment as well.
Is She the Reason

6. Dot from The Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack
Dot is a hidden gem that true DC fans know all about taken from the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. Needless to say it was a standout among many legendary songs.

5. Bills, Bills, Bills from The Writing’s on the Wall
If there is one song easily affiliated with Destiny’s Child it would have to be this one. It was a clear personification of what they stood for not only as a singing group but as women and as noted before displayed their ability to capture your attention visually and with sound.
Bills, Bills, Bills

4. Independent Woman Part 2 from Survivor
Just like Bootylicious, I found a tad more substance is the then trio’s second offering of Independent Woman. It had that cool, sly beat that the girls just melted into and was a cheeky take on another DC classic.
Independent Woman Part 2

3. Apple Pie à la Mode from Survivor
This one was a standout for me because it shined a light on the groups personality. Again, add in that quirky beat and their ability to perfectly amalgamate to any song, all while brashly comparing men to desserts and there’s pretty much no resisting.
Apple Pie à la Mode

2. Free from Destiny Fulfilled
Free showed the true power of Destiny’s Child, but you can only agree if you really listen to the lyrics and composition. If even as a grown man I can relate to three women speaking on the tribulations and triumphs you experience in life, then those are definitely some compelling words.

1. T-Shirt from Destiny Fulfilled
All i gotta say about this song is: damn. Sexy, sensual, powerful and in control. Although not so favored by critics, to me Destiny Fulfilled was a perfect evocation and evolutionary album filled with uplifting lyrics and was the ultimate definition of maturation from the trio. Although the concept to T-Shirt is unbelievably simple, it’s provocative yet a true display of a woman’s wants in the form of song.

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