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Vampire Weekend- Step

Step is a soft spoken song that will quickly become the anthem for ageing hipsters.

Mister Lies Live In Detroit

I am going to start this by saying that I am a huge fan of Mister Lies music, and have been from the very start of his career, and it really pisses me off that he put on possibly the worst live performance I have ever seen. It wasn’t that he wasn’t a good performer, for the bit that he managed to play despite having a terrible showing as many Detroit shows do, he was actually amazing.

I spend most of time studying and complaining about how little time I have. So for me to take time out of my busy schedule to go see someone it really is a big deal to me. Mister Lies is only 19 year olds, and is on his first tour as a headliner, but none the less that is not an excuse to storm off stage after playing for only 15 minutes. The fact is that there were people that were there to see him, that spent money to see him, that crossed the border to see him in my case, and were excited to see him, yet Mister Lies failed to deliver by in large because his ego was hurt. Watching him walk around the room prior to the show I could sense that he was excited to show off his chops, fresh off the joy of his success at SXSW I was excited for him. I sat through a horrible opening act, and was over joyed when he finally took the stage. I initially felt horrible for him, continually said to my friend that came with me that the people that came to watch the opening act just didn’t understand how amazing Mister Lies really is. After the show I made excuses for him, but just couldn’t do it anymore. The fact is that he is clearly not about sharing his music, he only cares about having people enjoy his music. He is self centred and it is a real shame that he wasn’t able to put on a good show. Who cares that no one was there? Fucking put on the show that we all came to see, it didn’t stop Theophilus London from putting on one of the best shows I have ever attended. But that is what separates Mister Lies from the seasoned performers, his lack of maturity was apparent. I guess this isn’t so much of a review of his ability as a performer, or of his music, both of which I think are there and will thrust him into mainstream success. But more of a review of his character, which I have come to believe is kinda shitty. Such a shame, I was really looking forward to that concert and was disappointed.

Mister Lies- Dionysian

SZA- Ice Moon

I am calling it now, SZA is going to be the next big thing.

SZA- Ice Moon

Glass Candy- The Possessed

Glass Candy have long been favourites of mine, the latest from them is no exception.

Glass Candy- The Possessed


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