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Rustie featuring Redinho – Lost

Since the announcement of Glasgow producer Rustie’s sophomore record, I think everyone’s predictions have been the same: that we’re in for another groundbreaking electronic album exploding with sounds we’d never heard before. Rustie’s first effort Glass Swords proved to be pivotal to music, especially in digital form, so to say that expectations were high was an understatement. Although the influence of this record though, I will be the first to say that there has never and will never be another Glass Swords, so comparatively we can debunk any associations people make between this new and old record.
Green Language is certainly an attention seeker, but I’m not so sure if that’s a good or bad thing. The album is still premature and like many, will take a few listens to fully comprehend but at the moment it’s like lukewarm lasagna. It just needs a few more zaps. That is not to take away from some glorious cuts on the record though. When it works, certain songs are of cohesive genius and fills your belly like a warm cup of tea on a cool day. Green Language is diverse and satisfies, and as a listener that is all you can ask for. The intention is there but honing seems necessary.
Take a listen to the addictive Lost below.

Lauryn Hill – Black Rage


What’s understood needn’t be explained – a statement that’s painfully indicative of Black Rage, the self released acoustic song by Lauryn Hill in light of the unrest afoot in parts of America. I myself turned a blind eye to the strengthening social constructs built up around me thinking one day they would all disappear but current events have turned my silent oppression to a call for action. Hill is a poet whose words are prophetic and presence necessary to enlighten us.
Not much else needs to be said… Her words speak for the collective with pride and truth. Listen below.

BLACK RAGE is founded on two-thirds a person
Rapings and beatings and suffering that worsens,
Black human packages tied up in strings,
BLACK RAGE can come from all these kinds of things.
BLACK RAGE is founded on blatant denial
Squeezed economics, subsistence survival,
Deafening silence and social control.
BLACK RAGE is founded on wounds in the soul!

When the dogs bite
When the beatings
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t fear so bad!

BLACK RAGE is founded: who fed us self hatred,
Lies and abuse, while we waited and waited?
Spiritual treason, this grid and its cages,
BLACK RAGE is founded on these kinds of things.
BLACK RAGE is founded on draining and draining,
Threatening your freedom to stop your complaining.
Poisoning your water while they say its raining,
Then call you mad for complaining, complaining.
Old time bureaucracy drugging the youth,
BLACK RAGE is founded on blocking the truth!
Murder and crime, compromise and distortion,
Sacrifice, sacrifice who makes this fortune?
Greed, falsely called progress,
Such human contortion,
BLACK RAGE is founded on these kinds of things.

So when the dogs bite
And when the ceilings
And when I’m feeling mad,
I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t fear so bad!

Free enterprise, is it myth or illusion?
Forcing you back into purposed confusion.
Black human trafficking or blood transfusion?
BLACK RAGE is founded on these kinds of things.
Victims of violence both psyche and body
Life out of context IS living unGodly.
Politics, politics
Greed falsely called wealth
BLACK RAGE is founded on denial of self!
Black human packages tied in subsistence
Having to justify very existence
Try if you must but you can’t have my soul
BLACK RAGE is made by unGodly control!

So when the dogs bite
When the beatings
And when I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t fear so bad!

#ThrowbackThursday Joint: Q-Tip – Things U Do


My how times have changed. The Dilla era is well over and gone but it’s tracks like Q-Tip’s Things U Do that allow you to have a proper reminiscence of when abstract lyricism was the go to style. Tip in particular though had a specific kick, key and soundscape parallel to none seen moreover on his 1999 album Amplified. Take a listen below.

Kelela and Le1f – OICU


Sonically, Kelela is near perfect though it’s her intrinsic lyrical prowess to take even the simplest of words and make them sound poetic as if they are a second skin. It’s attractive. Her latest loosie features production from P Morris and additional vocals from Le1f, but it’s Kelela who Michelle Kwan’s on the beat forcing you to feel and relate. OICU follows a legion of other collaborations over the past couple months, stemming from a Kindness feature as well as a must listen with Tink. Listen to her latest below.

Iman Omari and Tiffany Gouche – Wait A Minute


Iman Omari has been doing his thing for well over a few years now and he’s just getting better. The collaborations, the production… They’re all so unbelievably lush and refreshing to hear from the ultimate purveyor of smooth, but Wait A Minute is where Omari has seemed to have his aesthetic epiphany. The track is from his already released Samadhi EP; billowy, atmospheric and ridden with confidence about his craft. Don’t sleep on this! Check it below.

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