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Miley Cyrus feat Ariel Pink- Tiger Dreams

Well, this is a collaboration I was not expecting. I will not lie anymore, I enjoyed Miley’s last album for what it was. It was a decent pop album with a few good tracks. Well, if this is an indication of what we can expect from Miley Cyrus in the future I have huge expectations.

Most Non Heinous – The Fifth Element Review

The Fifth

It’s the return of the nostalgia. Most Non Heinous’ anticipated follow up to their EP of last year titled Weird Science comes in the form of a full ten track length album, whose title pays homage to one of the best sci-fi flicks of the 90’s, The Fifth Element.

Both Matthew Wagner of Alpha Galates and Roddy Colmer of Rebel Emergency are back in action and have joined forces once more to bring about another dose of what’s now been aptly classified as Electro Cock Rock with one member missing this time around; Harmony Fyfe of Alpha Galates. Though The Fifth Element is lacking a certain feminine touch that was around throughout their EP, Matt and Roddy have worked tirelessly to create an album that, in many ways, surpasses their previous collaboration.

Matt and Roddy are true cinephiles for the ages as each track to the very last references one cult classic film after another that at once draws the attention of any movie aficionado for the sheer nostalgia and curiosity of it all. What stands out, more so this time around, is the fact that quite a few of the films referenced on The Fifth Element were originally directed towards a male demographic, such as Predator, Rocky IV, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and I think this more than anything begins to define the terms of electro cock rock.

Besides the loss of Harmony’s vocals and synth skills on The Fifth Element, the band has not missed a single step since their EP. They’re as loud and weird as ever before, but they’ve also reached new peaks, especially through their lyrical creativity which has created certain meta textual analogies existing between these movies and the real world. Take a song like “Planet of the Apes” which explores the beauty of life, evolution, and the fact that we are just a planet of apes. We’re a planet of apes that have been given a leg up over the rest of the animal kingdom, but it’s a gift that should not be squandered. It’s an uplifting song that teaches one to enjoy the vastness of life and to learn from the mistakes of the past so that one can pass this beautiful planet onto future apes who, like us, enjoy to laugh, love, learn, dance, and everything else life has to offer. This richness in lyrical depth is just one of the many reasons I can’t get enough of Most Non Heinous.

Much like their previous work on Weird Science, each track on The Fifth Element is unique in sound, style, and meaning, creating an array of songs that don’t just reference their nostalgic source material, but gives them life again, utilizing that nostalgia to explore deeper themes about our own daily lives as well as their own experiences with the world.

I have to admit, their continual use of classic nostalgic movie titles has started me on a long road of re-watching many of these cinematic masterpieces. That being said, just as pop art was able to able to bring certain bits of pop culture back from the brink of irrelevancy, Most Non Heinous have worked these few movies like the phoenix rising out of the smouldering ashes. They’ve harnessed new energies into these works of cinema by dissecting them and transferring them into the ethereal world of music. I can’t remember a band who has meshed nostalgia and originality so well together.

One track that I’ve gone back to time and time again has been “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. This song is catchy as hell. Roddy’s ability to capture the classic sounds of the Mexican stand-off scenes of this epic Eastwood film, through sheer will of vocals alone, is not just an incredible feat that plays great homage to the source material, but also sounds absolutely amazing as it’s scattered throughout the course of the song. Matt’s deeper range of vocals captures the essence of such popular lines as, “Go ahead and make my day”, perfectly. There’s one bit of the chorus that keeps playing over and over in my head, and that’s when Matt belts out, “No one wins in a Mexican stand-off”. When combined with those sweet riffs in the middle, we get an atmosphere attuned to a modern day spaghetti western. This is one track that I think even Clint would be proud of.

Besides “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, some of the other tracks that caught my attention immediately included, “Fatal Attractions”, which I’d describe as a dark, heavy electronic thrill ride, and “The Color of Money”, which is a smoother flowing track that explores the influence of money and how it affects us all in the greater scheme of things.

The Fifth Element tends to play off a variety of different moods set up by the general undertaking of its referenced movie’s plot and themes making for both an exciting and an unpredictable first listen through. With Roddy and Matt taking on an even bigger task with this full length album, their distinctive musical styles were expanded, developed, and improved upon further, allowing for a noticeably smoother meshing between the two, with each track playing tune to their greatest strengths as musical artists. After having seen them preview the album upon their release party at Lee’s Palace, there is a genuine energy that can be felt between the two that instantly clicks with the audience and brought everyone to the front of the stage. Along with their electric stage performance, a clever flair for lyrics, and a knack for reinvigorating the nostalgia within cinephiles and music lovers alike, The Fifth Element becomes just another essential element towards Most Non Heinous’ continued success.

The duos combined dedication and passion for both music and cinema alike have meshed together to create something that transcends most classifications. The Fifth Element is an album that transforms our perception of nostalgia and gives it a breath of reinvigorating new life. With the additional tweaks and changes to their direction and style, Matt and Roddy have proven themselves capable of building upon their success, delivering a larger dose of electro cock rock than has ever, to my current knowledge, been delivered to this day. If this albums earned achievements over their last EP is any indication for their future, this is yet another step in the right direction for the band known as Most Non Heinous, and an album I highly recommend checking out. Click the videos for some sample listening from The Fifth Element or you can purchase the full album on iTunes right now.


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