JoJo – Mad Love.


After a signing a new record deal in 2014, JoJo is finally set to release her first album in 10 years on October 14th through Atlantic Records.

To say this is anticipated is an understatement. Since her debut in 2004, many have been wondering what happened to the Pop Star whom had the highest hopes set out for her. Despite some serious record label troubles and being treated with her Agape mixtape in the midst of the confusion, Mad Love is set to put her back in the spotlight where she belongs as well as re-introduce us to the vocal powerhouse.

The title track, Mad Love. is emblematic of Ms. Levesque… She never remains the same in terms of sound and although we’ve only heard a taste of what she can do, it’s exciting to see her engage her listeners with this new soulful sound. Mad Love. starts on a controlled simmer and eventually boils over, hands in the air as you try to grasp the excellence spewing and hardening through your ears.

Welcome back JoJo – take a listen below.

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