Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair featuring Sampha


On Sol-Angel and The Hadley St. Dreams, we were truly introduced to the woman that is Solange. “I’m not her and never will be,” she proclaimed on her opening track God Given Name, which many listeners took as a declaration of independence of some sorts. Cue the True EP in 2012 where Knowles further developed her sound and aesthetic; she dropped her then label and proceeded to go independent, the incomparable Dev Hynes in tow for production on her new EP. True had a new sound to it; it drew from the 80’s influences Knowles had always been surrounded by, but was undeniably original with it’s alternative soul twist.

Writing for Knowles’ third studio album A Seat at the Table began in 2008. In a 2010 interview with Vibe Magazine, Knowles admitted to suffering a break down while in the process of the albums curation. She noted that it was a sacrificial period hence the personal instability. Knowles began promoting the album about a week before it’s digital release on her Instagram and website, even allowing her fans to sign up for a mysterious “Seat at the Table” with Solange. This was eventually revealed to be her listening party.

Although not yet a lead single, Don’t Touch My Hair was released with a video on October 3rd. It’s an undeniable and powerful advocation of being black and understanding that not all things are meant to be shared. It represents taking back what is yours, if you will. It’s honesty, healing and acceptance all wrapped into one.

It will be exciting to see where Solange will go from here, but for now, let’s congratulate her on garnering her first number one album in The United States. Her album comes at a perfect time, especially since what the US is going through right now with disappointing civil unrest. Despite it’s celebration of blackness, Knowles has another clear message – we are all one and each person has the right and responsibility to live in harmony, despite a physical standard.

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