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Hello everyone,

I haven’t been posting much here at AWmusic for some time. I thought I’d let you know about my other hobbies. I’ve been playing online poker even before starting this website and have been active on online casinos, sports betting and playing fantasy sports for years. There’s a lot of issues with in-person access to online gambling, I’ll talk about it below.

In Canada, there really aren’t many options for someone to legally place wagers. Outside of the casinos here in Ontario (Fallsview and Rama) which are world’s away, all we have indulge in sports gambling is either the lottery or Pro-Line (parlay only betting). Basically it sucks and who’s going to travel an hour or more just to gamble? Not most people and nowadays all everyone needs is a credit card (or something similar) and you’re set.

One great option is to head over to NetBet for your online casino games such as Starbust and Rainbow Riches which you can demo on their website which are forms of slot machine games. I personally enjoy betting on sports and playing poker which are skilled games (but less fun) where you may find an edge and can win some serious coin.

Online Poker

Everyone does their own thing when it comes to hobbies, mine is no longer posting about new music but I do have a ton of fun playing online poker.

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