Kelela and Le1f – OICU

Kelela and Le1f   OICU

Sonically, Kelela is near perfect though it’s her intrinsic lyrical prowess to take even the simplest of words and make them sound poetic as if they are a second skin. It’s attractive. Her latest loosie features production from P Morris and additional vocals from Le1f, but it’s Kelela who Michelle Kwan’s on the beat forcing you to feel and relate. OICU follows a legion of other collaborations over the past couple months, stemming from a Kindness feature as well as a must listen with Tink. Listen to her latest below.

Iman Omari and Tiffany Gouche – Wait A Minute

Iman Omari and Tiffany Gouche   Wait A Minute

Iman Omari has been doing his thing for well over a few years now and he’s just getting better. The collaborations, the production… They’re all so unbelievably lush and refreshing to hear from the ultimate purveyor of smooth, but Wait A Minute is where Omari has seemed to have his aesthetic epiphany. The track is from his already released Samadhi EP; billowy, atmospheric and ridden with confidence about his craft. Don’t sleep on this! Check it below.

Bonnie Banane and Waltaa – Champs Elysees

Bonnie Banane and Waltaa   Champs Elysees

(Photo by Emma Le Doyen & Samuel Rixon) Last I’d heard from Ms. Banane, she was professing how she gets pregnant when she sees the apple of her eye, now she’s making proclamations of her freshness and stunting at the Champs-Élysées with partner in crime Waltaa. She wasn’t lying either. In ways Bonnie Banane is far ahead of the pack with her throwback, new wave infused sound (the irony) and her collective appreciation for the nineties. Long story short, the track is hot. I’m tired of all the teasing though. Full length’s are an absolute must in the near future from the addictive chartreuse. Listen below.

Silk Rhodes – Pains

Silk Rhodes   Pains

From the jump, Pains – the debut record from Silk Rhodes – sounds like a cut straight off a How to Dress Well record with its smooth Motown sound and ethereal bass. It slowly starts to conjure more of a D’Angelo vibe; chill and subdued evoking a sensual emotional depth. Comparisons aside, the track is a must listen as vocalist Sasha Desree’s vocals emit true soul with top notch production from Michael Collins. Did I mention their record cover is a (supposed) sheet of acid? Take a listen below.

#ThrowbackThursday Joint: Puff featuring Faith Evans and 112 – I’ll Be Missing You

By this point in time, I’m sure the majority of North America has been informed about Michael Brown, the unarmed Missouri teenager who was shot multiple times in cold blood by a police officer in broad daylight. Unfortunately, these situations are becoming far too common for my liking especially in our immediate media and news age which would prefer to almost glamorize these plights then to actually find solutions to them. As a grown, proud black man, I can’t help but connect and sympathize with such occurrences and humbly offer my support, voice, strength and adoration for those who are determined to properly and respectfully take a powerful stance against these many injustices.
To the parents, family members, friends, witnesses and community members who all knew Michael Brown, who knew Sean Bell, who knew Oscar Grant, who knew Chavis Carter, who knew Trayvon Martin… I can’t begin to express the depths of my sorrow for all your tragic losses as I raise my hands in succession with you all my beautiful and strong brothers and sisters.
This one is for you.

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