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I guess I plan to highlight all the week’s posts and some news around the blogosphere to add something different.

With a ton of new writers on board. I won’t get into any details as of yet but it’s more then a handful who will cover even more genres and music.

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Around the blogosphere:
Kings of Leon have been a hot topic with their mp3 release of Sex On Fire. (haven’t listened personally)
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I was also shocked at 3:50AM when I heard a thud. Then the sky turned orange and off in the distance was a big ass explosion that looked like a bomb. Photo Junkie had pictures of it.

Forever In A Day – It’s So Well Rehearsed

Hope all our Canadian readers are enjoying their long weekend as it comes to a close. Today’s feature band, Forever In A Day, is a six-piece from the mean streets of Detroit Michigan. Their EP, It’s So Well Rehearsed, features six hard hitting pop rock songs that capture the essence of pop with the aggression of rock. Currently opening for Chiodos, Forever In A Day gives listeners a nice combination of emotion and music.

The first track Miss World, uses some heavy hitting guitars and drums that feel classy and epic. There are moments of feint keyboard in the background which counteracts the heavier instruments, and finally the vocals plastered on top are mellow and emotional. With a really solid voice, the song just emits passion and an incredibly thoughtful tone. I enjoyed all the melodies from this song, the guitar riffs were very nice, the drums were excellent, the keys were uplifting, and the vocals were memorable. Overall the combination of every aspect of the song brought about a really beautiful piece that fills listeners with a sense of feeling.

Another track that really stood out for me is Hang Up Try Again. With a more powerpop sound, it has a much brighter feel. The vocals are synthesized in this track and there is a noticeable use of synthesised keys, therefore giving that classic powerpop sound. The chorus on the other hand still conveys mass amounts of emotion as like the rest of the album. Overall this song is a heavy hitting powerpop track, that really gets my blood flowing.

The following track slows things down a tad, and again the use of keys is evident in this song. Move In Slowly has a softer undertone, the vocals are very expressive and the vibe is hopeful yet sad. I really like the serious tone that Forever In A Day can master even with the use of some very bright instrumentals. The keys fit in just right, and the vocals are exciting but mellow.

Forever In A Day is an aggressive pop punk band, almost a hybrid of emo and powerpop. Although not a traditional upbeat powerpop band, they have a lot of elements that can classify them as such, but the themes of their music are generally thoughtful, and passionate. With songs that give feelings of hope, Forever In A Day is a band worth checking out.

Check out their Myspace for official tour dates and album info.

Forever In A Day – Miss World

Forever In A Day – Hang Up Try Again


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