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AWmusic’s Top Songs of 2008 pt 2: #51-75

I forgot to mention that these top songs are still very personal opinions despite trying to take as many suggestions of the rest of the writers. I’m not sure how people will respond to the list, numbering isn’t quite as important as inclusion. I like taking suggestions as there will be millions of tracks I likely missed. As is the goal with this list, 10-limit descriptions included.


Next in the series:
Part 3: #26-50
Part 4: #1-25

Numbers #51-75:
#51 Creator by Santogold w/ Switch and Freq Nasty (myspace/video -unofficial was canceled?)
The intro is risky, brave and wildly effective.
#52 Crystal Stilts by Crystal Stilts (myspace)
A song should be good if it’s your band name.
#53 I Wish I Could Keep You by Little Pictures (myspace/live)
This song makes me wish I was a kid again.
#54 In The Kitchen by The Pomegranates (myspace/live -poor visual quality)
A song I want to play on the guitar.
#55 Never Miss A Beat by Kaiser Chiefs (homepage/video)
The kids on the street, are scary! Shiiet.
#56 Death To The Los Campesinos! By Los Campesinos! (myspace/video)
“I’ll be control-alt-deleting your face with no reservation”.
#57 Marry Me Annie by Matthew and The Arrogant Sea (myspace)
Hey Annie, I’m serious, MATAS is a great band.
#58 Whiite Fantaseee by Slim Twig (myspace)
How about an Asian fantaseee?
#59 Dance Dance Dance by Lykke Li (myspace/live with Bon Iver)
Lykke Li’s hips lie and she’s shy. I’m in love.
#60 Galaxy Of The Lost by Lightspeed Champion (myspace/video)
Emmy The Great makes this song gold. Weird video.
#61 Skinny Love by Bon Iver
Bon Iver should try BBW. Morbidly Obese Love anyone?
#62 Good Time by Brazilian Girls (myspace/video)
I just want to have a good time too.
#63 Can’t Shake It by Kate Miller-Heidke (myspace/video)
I can’t dance either though this song is danceable…
#64 New Soul by Yael Naim(homepage)
I’m a new ipod product with a new catchy song.
#65 Boneless by The Notwist (homepage)
Great song off a slightly disappointing album.
#66 Shadow Falls by Hello, Blue Roses (myspace/live)
Awesome duet, too bad they were bashed by Pitchfork.
#67 Get Better by Mates of State (myspace/video)
“Forget your politics for awhile”. 2008 was a tough year.
#68 Xavia by The Submarines (myspace)
The Submarines don’t let me down in this song.
#69 Home Sweet Home by Those Dancing Days (myspace/video)
A perfect holiday song.
#70 Not Your Savior by Peasant (myspace)
Peasant keeps it honest, leave him alone.
#71 Call It A Ritual by Wolf Parade (myspace)
I enjoy Spencer Krug’s metaphorical writing.
#72 Black Rice by Women (myspace/live)
Best Song that ends in a whimper.
#73 The Rip by Portishead (homepage/video)
Just beautiful.
#74 That’s Not My Name by The Tings Tings (myspace/video)
Wait..what is her name again?
#75 Gila by Beach House (myspace/live)

Tropic Thunder Review and Playlist

Tropic Thunder came out on August 15th and while it’s been almost 2 weeks since the release date. I got to see it this past Monday. I must admit the commercial and subsequent promo videos released by the trio of Downey, Stiller and Black really made this movie look VERY stupid.

It got rave reviews but otherwise a lot of people weren’t too excited to see it. I went to see it as my friend leaves town for university (boo school is starting already). Anyway the movie itself isn’t what you expect it, at least the concept is given away with the trailers adding an increased level of hilarity.

The movie does have stupid humor but it pulls it off well though it is very offensive. I heard quite a lot about CNN saying something about the racial matter of this movie which there is none. However it is quite offensive towards the mental challenged or “retards – such as Ben Stiller’s character Tugg Speedman in the fake film “Simple Jack”. Now I must say I laughed but it crossed the line… if there is one downside to the film, it’s that.

Tom Cruise’s role in the film is downright hilarious. I hadn’t known he was in the film as he didn’t do any of the promotion and my friend didn’t even notice him in the film. He pulls off the fat, balding movie executive. You don’t really know it’s him unless you notice his eyes even then I still had my doubts until the final credits were rolling.

Pineapple Express was admittedly not as good as this film by a big margin as this movie actually had you laughing out loud, whether or not you tried to hold it in during those offensive moments. That’s the real importance of it, it makes you laugh hysterically without being too ridiculous. The concept of the movie saves it from being just your average comedy.

Rating: 4.25/5

As for the soundtrack, it was a very mainstream soundtrack and I guess it wasn’t too bad, the use of Flo Rida’s Low was hilarious but I’m too lazy to download that track. Click for the soundtrack here.

The playlist is after the jump (I’m evil)

Hello Blue Roses – The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty Review

First off I would like to say that “The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty” is one long ass album title but it definitely is one of the better album titles I’ve ever seen. Could it mean that this album isn’t quite complete or that in the eye of the beholder none of us will find the beauty in Hello, Blue Roses release?

I was extremely excited for this album going so far as downloading 5 songs even though I knew I would be given an advance copy. Expectations were high to say the least.

Hello, Blue Roses is a husband and wife duo between Sydney Vermont and Dan Bejar (New Pornographers, Destroyer, Swan Lake). Dan Bejar contributes the musical arrangements but this is Vermont’s show as she sings lead and writes everything lyrically.

This album shows off Vermont’s vocal prowress as a former choir singer. You could fall into a trance just listening to her and ignoring everything else lyrically. Bejar occasionally adds in some vocals more so a contrast and does a great job musically to compliment Vermont as best as he can with a variety of instruments and adding things at random that work perfectly at times.

I feel hard pressed for words at times when trying to conjure what type of feeling I have for this album. At times I grow tired of “The Portrait Is Finished”. I really enjoy it while in the right mood when I feel I need things to be quiet and relaxing. This album I would describe as easy and giving me a rather soothing feeling. Musically it’s very minimal due to this, it never really strives for your attention but that isn’t really the goal I’d assume. I think it’s due to the lack of variance in style. Songs seem to be under the same formula, where at times Vermont’s awesome vocals just isn’t quite enough to come through.

I like most of this album, maybe not all of it as towards the end I grow quite weary and really look for something to rock my socks off. This album is still pretty good though for what it’s worth. Argh @ not really being able to describe too well. It gets a 4.25 out of 5 from me. Good but not perfect.

Here are two songs that I haven’t seen posted online and they are songs that really got my attention while going through the album.
Scarecrow by Hello, Blue Roses

Coming Through Imposture by Hello, Blue Roses

Buy it @ CD Universe
Buy it @ Insound
Buy It at Amazon

Headlights, Hello Blue Roses, Hot Chip and Why?

I love doing reviews for this blog and all as I get to hype what I really like and I feel better putting in my two cents on something. Anyway, I think this blog has another role to play and it’s to hype albums before they come out. If I could do a review before the release date I would but a lot of the time I’m not hooked up and a review will prob ably be a week or two after the release date or whenever I get the album in hand.

Anyway, I think hyping upcoming releases is a great way to put out singles you really like. I don’t expect to do this often but maybe once a month to keep up on what’s hot with the music blogosphere. I actually planned this post to be on Hello, Blue Roses only but I figured I had more artists/albums to hype and I would never get done nor would I have much content left when I actually do reviews. I’ll do this about once a month I guess. I also will check out upcoming releases by the Magnetic Fields, Cat Power, Chris Walla and Jack Jonson. The ones I’m posting about are ones I am excited about.

Headlights – Some Racing, Some Stopping
Release date: February 19, 2008.
This is a pop band from Champaign, Illinois and while they had a previous release Kill Them W/ Kindness, I haven’t heard before them before receiving a promo-email. I was offered Cherry Tulips as the mp3, skipping it I went directly to their myspace and really dug their stuff. I finally decided to download Cherry Tulips and wow…what an amazing song. I’ve seen big blogs already discuss Headlights and including this track and you can’t blame them. This song is absolutely beautiful and dream pop at it’s very finest. It is literally about dreaming the best dream of your life and I can relate to it perfectly with sleeping in the middle of the night with the light on. This is one of my current songs of the year if 2008 ended just in 11 days. You can bet I’ll be listening this until February 19th and will be impatient for the album.
Cherry Tulips by Headlights

Pre-order @ CD Universe $11.18
Pre-order @ for $13.99

Hello, Blue Roses
– The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty
Release Date: January 22, 2008
Hello Blue Roses is comprised of Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers, Swan Lake) and his wife, Sydney Vermont. This group has been making some noise with the blogs and I can’t blame them. I told myself I would to listen to their album before but I got impatient. Presented with Shadow Falls, you can fall in love with Sydney Vermont’s heavenly choir type voice. Just listen to Shadow Falls and the mix of beautiful vocals between this husband and wife. I’ve listened to 4 or so tracks and they are all great.
Shadow Falls by Hello, Blue Roses

Pre-order @ CD Universe $11.74
Pre-order it @ Insound for
Pre-order @ for $17.99… (you never know someone might prefer it)

Hot Chip – Made in The Dark
Release date: February 4/5, 2008
If you came from or Hype you probably don’t need an introduction to Hot Chip, this electropop band out of the UK. Some really catchy stuff and they’re HUGE with the blogs. Ready For The Floor has really dominated my computer though I’ll be honest about not liking the other stuff so much. Usually liking just one song is just enough to get me into something.
Ready For The Floor by Hot Chip

Pre-order at CD Universe for $14.55
Pre-order the Deluxe version @ Insound for $17.99
Pre-order @ for $17.99

Why? – Alopecia

Release Date: March 11, 2008
When reading up on Why? and their genre of including rap, new wave and a slew of other genres, this band definitely stands out from other bands. They have a nice mix of rap and rock that makes it cool when that genre was killed and exploited by the mainstream with bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, Why? isn’t metal at all so the rap is definitely more subtle and left to more of an artistic nature both instrumentally and lyrically.
The Hollows by Why?

Pre-order at CD Universe for $14.55
Pre-order @ for $17.99


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