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Coachella 2009 Line-up + Playlist

It’s official, the line-up for this year’s Coachella festival has been posted. And no, David Bowie isn’t bringing back Ziggy Stardust, despite all the rumors floating around the internet. Coachella will again be taking place at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA and the dates have been confirmed for April 17, 18 and 19.

With the economy finding its way deeper into the shit, Paul Tollett (festival founder) announced another plan to bring in the masses. Tickets can be purchased via layaway plans with two methods of payment. Instead of dropping the full $269US for a three-day pass: pay half upfront and the rest April 1, or pay 10% followed by equal installments on March 1 and April 1 without any interest or additional costs. These plans are only available for online purchases and are not included with the $99 single-day admission. Check out the official Coachella website for more information, as well as a list of all the bands’ myspace pages and selected videos on youtube.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the bands:

And, a selected playlist.

The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry

Morrissey – Irish Blood English Heart

K’naan – Strugglin

TV On The Radio – Family Tree

My Bloody Valentine – Soon

Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

Noah and the Whale – Jocasta

AWmusic’s Top Songs of 2008 pt3: #26-50

Onto the top 50! These lists take long to do. To finish my list today or tomorrow hmmm. Again 10 word description limit.
Part 1 #76-100
Part 2 #51-75

Next in the series:
Part 4: #1-25
#26 Teen Creeps by No Age (myspace/live)
I’m feeling regretful of not including Nouns in my list.
#27 Eraser by No Age (video/live)
Can be #26 (tied), both are equally good.
#28 Feel The Love by Cut Copy (myspace/live)
“All the girls I’ve known are crying” Conceited but catchy.
#29 Bare Feet On Wet Grip Tape by Chad VanGaalen (myspace)
Soft Airplane’s most accessible song.
#30 God? By The Dodos (myspace)
“Oh God, where’d you go?” Agnosticism at its finest?
#31 Ottoman by Vampire Weekend (myspace)
At least we got this song from a shitty movie.
#32 Beat (Health, Life and Fire) by Thao Nguyen With The Get Down Stay Down (myspace/live)
Upon listening to this track, I’ve become a big fan.
#33 Heart of Chambers by Beach House (myspace/video)
My favorite song off Devotion.
#34 Dying Is Fine by Ra Ra Riot (myspace/video-ep version)
Sounds emo without reference to this poem.
#35 Hitten by Those Dancing Days (myspace/video)
All girl indie pop bands ftw.
#36 Let’s All Sleep Together by Team Genius (myspace)
Orgies ftw. (All girl orgies ftw?)
#37 For Emma by Bon Iver (myspace/live)
This song is simple but captures the atmosphere of loneliness.
#38 The Modern Leper by Frightened Rabbit (myspace/live)
“You must be a masochist, to love a modern leper”
#39 Rabid Bits of Time by Chad Van Gaalen
Beautifully sung.
#40 Winter ’05 by Ra Ra Riot
This song makes Winter depressing. Sad in general.
#41 Agoraphobia by Deerhunter (myspace)
“Cover me, comfort me” is stuck in my head.
#42 Skeleton Man by The Evangelicals (myspace/live)
“When someone loves you very much, you’re fucked”
#43 Why Do You You Let Me Stay Here? By She and Him (myspace/video)
Fuck you Ben Gibbard!…oh I meant congrats.
#44 Move by Cansei De Ser Sexy (myspace/video)
Another catchy CSS track.
#45 Another World by Antony and The Johnsons (myspace/video)
Antony apparently doesn’t think much of us. Still beautiful though.
#46 Uncalibrated by Bridges and Powerlines (myspace/video)
This song puts the power into powerpop.
#47 Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings (myspace/video)
The Ting Tings are a guilty pleasure.
#48 Poison Dart by The Bug ft. Warrior Queen (myspace/video)
My introduction to The Bug. I was amazed.
#49 My Year in Lists by Los Campesinos (myspace/video)
“Send me stationery to make me horny” Mail-sex ftw?
#50 I Hate Dell by Oldfolks Home (myspace)
Dell pissed off the wrong guy.

AWmusic’s Top Songs of 2008 pt 2: #51-75

I forgot to mention that these top songs are still very personal opinions despite trying to take as many suggestions of the rest of the writers. I’m not sure how people will respond to the list, numbering isn’t quite as important as inclusion. I like taking suggestions as there will be millions of tracks I likely missed. As is the goal with this list, 10-limit descriptions included.


Next in the series:
Part 3: #26-50
Part 4: #1-25

Numbers #51-75:
#51 Creator by Santogold w/ Switch and Freq Nasty (myspace/video -unofficial was canceled?)
The intro is risky, brave and wildly effective.
#52 Crystal Stilts by Crystal Stilts (myspace)
A song should be good if it’s your band name.
#53 I Wish I Could Keep You by Little Pictures (myspace/live)
This song makes me wish I was a kid again.
#54 In The Kitchen by The Pomegranates (myspace/live -poor visual quality)
A song I want to play on the guitar.
#55 Never Miss A Beat by Kaiser Chiefs (homepage/video)
The kids on the street, are scary! Shiiet.
#56 Death To The Los Campesinos! By Los Campesinos! (myspace/video)
“I’ll be control-alt-deleting your face with no reservation”.
#57 Marry Me Annie by Matthew and The Arrogant Sea (myspace)
Hey Annie, I’m serious, MATAS is a great band.
#58 Whiite Fantaseee by Slim Twig (myspace)
How about an Asian fantaseee?
#59 Dance Dance Dance by Lykke Li (myspace/live with Bon Iver)
Lykke Li’s hips lie and she’s shy. I’m in love.
#60 Galaxy Of The Lost by Lightspeed Champion (myspace/video)
Emmy The Great makes this song gold. Weird video.
#61 Skinny Love by Bon Iver
Bon Iver should try BBW. Morbidly Obese Love anyone?
#62 Good Time by Brazilian Girls (myspace/video)
I just want to have a good time too.
#63 Can’t Shake It by Kate Miller-Heidke (myspace/video)
I can’t dance either though this song is danceable…
#64 New Soul by Yael Naim(homepage)
I’m a new ipod product with a new catchy song.
#65 Boneless by The Notwist (homepage)
Great song off a slightly disappointing album.
#66 Shadow Falls by Hello, Blue Roses (myspace/live)
Awesome duet, too bad they were bashed by Pitchfork.
#67 Get Better by Mates of State (myspace/video)
“Forget your politics for awhile”. 2008 was a tough year.
#68 Xavia by The Submarines (myspace)
The Submarines don’t let me down in this song.
#69 Home Sweet Home by Those Dancing Days (myspace/video)
A perfect holiday song.
#70 Not Your Savior by Peasant (myspace)
Peasant keeps it honest, leave him alone.
#71 Call It A Ritual by Wolf Parade (myspace)
I enjoy Spencer Krug’s metaphorical writing.
#72 Black Rice by Women (myspace/live)
Best Song that ends in a whimper.
#73 The Rip by Portishead (homepage/video)
Just beautiful.
#74 That’s Not My Name by The Tings Tings (myspace/video)
Wait..what is her name again?
#75 Gila by Beach House (myspace/live)

The Tings Tings – We Started Nothing Review

The Tings Tings have been critically disgraced. I can understand why but the fans have spoken. The Tings Tings are not popular because they have an Ipod commercial featuring the track “Shut Up And Let Me Go”. It’s more of their brand of simplistic/danceable pop.

I generally hate mainstream music and their artists. I would probably qualify this as mainstream as it seems that masses have embraced The Tings Tings. There’s something about their demeanor and their live performances that make liking The Tings Tings OK. First they don’t seem to act all that cool. Just two NORMAL people making simplistic music that’s super fun. They are also seem to be quite genuine when playing live and while you can say the songs are so easy, they better be able to perform live. The fact is that MOST mainstream artists I’ve seen live, whether on TV have sucked so badly that it’s no wonder I’ve gone the way of indie rock.

There’s no such thing as being pretentious when you make music that’s rather simple and when you’re not fooling anyone either and people still like you it says something. From their interviews they also don’t act like god’s greatest gift (that annoying band called MGMT needs a cockslap and yes I hate MGMT…they are 1) not genuine 2) I see through their “greatness”) and they seem to know their place.

So yes, therefore it’s cool to like the Ting Tings even if they have a really crappy band name.

Back to the album “We Started Nothing”. The Tings Tings aren’t breaking any ground or giving us anything new but most people don’t care anyway. Making catchy tunes is sometimes tough to do but when its done very well, it’s hard to argue with not liking a song. The Tings Tings make songs that you will hate when it becomes popular but you’ll secretly dance to anyway.

Their album feels kind of short actually with just 10 tracks and almost all of them catchy and potential #1 hits…it’s hard not to like. When an album feels like it’s easy to go through it’s a great sign. There’s really isn’t much to say. Catchy pop…not many riffs…sticking to predetermined formulas. I would argue that they could probably bring more to the forefront if they’d like but it’s probably unnecessary.

In a sense while it’s bad they stuck to formulas and they stayed to rather typical notions of music, in a way it’s a good thing. It’s an easy listen and there’s nothing wrong sometimes with listening to music that isn’t at all challenging. Then again listening to the same type of music gets tiresome and I’d probably bash the next band that does the same exact thing the Tings Tings have pulled off.

Rating: 4 out of 5
At worst a guilty pleasure.

Great DJ by The Tings Tings

Keep Your Head by The Tings Tings

Buy this album at Insound/CD Universe/Amazon

The Ting Tings Contest!

The Ting Tings are the internet’s new sensation taking the internet by storm with their brand of pop mixed in with some funk and dance. One of their songs “Shut Up and Let Me Go” is the newest track for the iPod commercial and while that is likely going to get them significant publicity I must say I’m a fan of other tracks.

Anyway I’m not here to review them quite yet, I’m here to offer some Ting Tings swag, in the name of two guest list spots to their show on June 16th, 2008 at the Mod Club in Toronto and we’re giving two consolation prizes, two copies of their CD “We Started Nothing”.

Some contest rules:
1. Only open to Canadian citizens (considering the US gets so many perks, we deserve something)
2. Contest ends on June 10th
3. To enter just leave a comment in this post with a valid e-mail. If you want two entries to the contest you can sign up via e-mail to my feed.
4. If you manage to win the tickets, you can pass and take a CD if you’d like.

Thanks to Groundswork Marketing and Columbia.

That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings


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