All The Right Moves – Self-titled EP

All The Right Moves   Self titled EPFormerly The Evermore Escape, All The Right Moves is easily one of the hottest unsigned bands from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Admittedly unaware of their former entity, I found the newly named band held nothing back to birth an excellent EP in what has become a great year for powerpop. This self-titled album consists of six undeniably catchy but emotionally driven tracks, which are fun, somewhat cliché, but never boring.

All The Right Moves delivers an onslaught of high energy and affectionate powerpop tracks. The consistent flow of music is overwhelming as the band orchestrates some of the finest melodies I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. With a combination of the usual instruments and the addition of keys and violin, the resulting beats are right up my alley. Vibrant songs composed of synthetic and authentic sounds deliver a highly entertaining EP. On top of the well regarded instrumentals, the dual vocals work brilliantly to compete with the pace of the melody. The vocals also convey the passion that makes this album meaningful, despite the lyrics targeted for a younger crowd.

Mona Lisa is action packed and unleashes all the elements I’ve mentioned. The vocals begin just one second into the track, and from then on listeners are treated to a heavy dose of riveting powerpop. The keys scream excitement, and the violin is nothing short of awesome in this song that delivers on all accounts. ATRM puts an exclamation mark on the pop community with their passionately fun style. The vocals in this track are classically written so listeners may feel compelled to sing along to very cliché but easily catchy lyrics.

Mona Lisa is followed by Wasted Youth which begins with a very fun piano riff to create another happy pop sound. The vocals sounded very sharp during the verses and I was pleased with the delivery throughout the track. The lyrics weren’t exactly some of the most original or clever, but the words definitely set the mood. A mixture of sad lyrics and an optimistic tune, made for a hopeful scenery which was pleasant to say the least, a nice change up in tone.

Next is The Impatient, The Imperfect, The Impossible, possibly my favourite track off this EP. Easily the most emotionally driven song it has compelling vocals and a graceful violin melody. What makes this song extra special is the feature vocals of Dane from Jamestown Story. Dane specializes in sombre acoustic ballads, and the lending of his voice put this track in the right direction. Although soft in nature, it’s still very lively with wickedly exciting violin, great backing vocals and capped by a nice drum line, truly epic.

Wildfire speeds things up again with the delivery of fast paced vocals, line after line to tell the classic teenage tale. The vocals are what make this track unique, overtop a collaboration of energetic instruments. Probably not the best track off the EP, it is however an attempt into something different by sounding slightly ska, and I mean very slight.

Dancer brings things back to normal with another fantastic powerpop song that leans more towards the upbeat aspect to their game. An array of powerpop sounds and a catchy set of lyrics makes Dancer the last cheery track on the album. The concluding song is Pretend, which delves away from the upbeat and goes right back into the emotional. Pretend is the perfect ending track being soft enough to set the mood but live enough to create an epic finish. An amazing EP from start to finish, it’s a mystery how All The Right Moves is unsigned, but I’m sure whenever they want to make it big, they will. Till then, I’ll be here waiting for them to make their next move.

Check out their Myspace for official tour dates and album info.

All The Right Moves – Mona Lisa

The Right Moves – The Impatient, The Imperfect, The Impossible


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