Kateyln Cohen- How Many Licks Acoustic Review

Even back in gr 7 I had an intense interest in music, I jumped at the opportunity to “dj” (make a mixtape) for our gr 7 dance, where the boys stood at one side, and the girls the other. Well, Lil Kim’s How Many Licks was one of my favourite songs back then and my teachers were not all that happy when How Many licks played. I have a thing for really filthy female rappers, and well Lil Kim is the epitome class so my love for her runs deep.

Ms Kateyln Cohen of Chicago has done a great acoustic version of Lil Kim’s o so scandalous How Many Licks, Kateyln has an amazing voice (check out her other vids, they will not disappoint) that takes even the filthiest of lyrics and makes them cute. Normally when people do acoustic covers on youtube, Ill watch it but it wont impress me. There is just something about Katelyn, she’s really chills and down to earth and has a really nice raw sound about her.

Katelyn, please please please keep with the rap covers, cant wait to hear more of your covers and original stuff.

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