Fiona’s Song of the Day: Private – We Got Some Breaking Up To Do

I love this band and I wish they had more North American exposure!! Private, a three-piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark, has a handful of great singles — “We Got Some Breaking Up To Do” being one of them. I first heard this song the summer of 2008 in an open dance class that was happening in Downtown Toronto. (On a side note, the dance class was run by Thunderheist’s backup dancers) I really dig the beat and the electro-synth in this track. The vocals kind of reminds me of a young Michael Jackson. This song, like the rest of Private’s music, is quite infectious. I hope you all enjoy this song as much as I do. This, in my opinion, is disco-funk-dance-pop at it’s finest!!

PRIVATE – “We Got Some Breaking Up To Do” from PRIVATE on Vimeo.

Private – We Got Some Breaking Up To Do


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