Allie X- Live at the Drake Concert Review

I had just finished work for the year, looking forward to 3 months off before heading back and saw that Allie X was going to be in town. After listening to a bunch of her stuff I was excited to be able to go see a some live music.

Let me start this out by saying that I was incredibly impressed by Allie X. I had not read much into her background prior to the show, all I knew was that I was into her music and thought the few videos she had put out were interesting. Allie X has a musical theatre background which was apparent throughout, at all points of the show she was putting on a performance. To add to that, she has some serious vocal range and control that I was not expecting. Far too often, young pretty girls with an interesting look fail to live up to the hype and fade away into the blog buzz. Allie X has serious talent, and thankfully lived up to the buzz. If you have the chance to catch Allie X in concert I highly recommend it.

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